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In episode 1 of this challenge, we focus on 3 rounds of portraits! From simple portraits, to props in the photo, and lastly to unconventional portraits. This is just the first episode, hoping to improve the setup and invite new…

Shooting Portraits with One Speedlight

Squarespace link for 10% off: Instagram: Website: I think the assumption is that to get into shooting portraits with strobes, it's going to be a very expensive and technical pursuit. But in my experience you can actually achieve some…

V-Flat for studio photography.

Overview of very useful accessory, called V-flat, which is very convenient to work in the studio. Describes what it is and how to do it yourself. OUR SITE: VK: INSTAGRAM: GOOGLE +: TWITTER: Example photos:

Creative Senior Portait Photography

Get lighting ideas for creative senior portraits. Matthew Kemmetmueller shares one of his favorite lighting set ups for senior portraits of athletes. This clip is from the CreativeLive course, Build a High Volume Senior Photography…