Photography Tips: 12 Portrait & Wedding Photography Secrets by photographer Bambi Cantrell

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Who better to give photography tips on portraits & weddings than Bambi Cantrell, an award winning wedding and portrait photographer with a dazzling portfolio and list of accomplishments. In this episode , Bambi shares secrets for how she engages her subject and makes them feel comfortable. Plus she explains how to identify the best light and choose camera angles and much more. You’ll go away with ideas you can’t wait to put to use.

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Special thanks to Bambi for letting us showcase her amazing work and share her advice. For more from Bambi, check out her website:

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  1. Mr. J Media says

    Great video

  2. Dex Pyran says

    Thank you

  3. Beautiful Nature images says

    Portrait Photography Secrets Considers Portraiture As Artistic Story-telling Instead Of Merely A Collection Of Technical Skills. see more

  4. Jibs J says

    Nice advice. Thank you.

  5. Arm The Creative says

    9:10 Expression over Perfection.

  6. neverbeme says

    I just subscribed and i love your channel!

  7. Aspaces says

    Cool vid, you make my day.
    Carry on creating video, need more like you.

  8. South LA Hiker says

    Great interview.

  9. CmdrBondUK says

    Thanks for this video, a real treat to hear the pearls of wisdom from Bambi.

  10. Kaeru V|P says

    This is gold, thank you!

  11. Joe Cerda says

    thank you for sharing…she seems great!

  12. Namit Mhatre says

    You guys are doing great work by posting such informative videos

  13. juniper1 says

    Thanks Bambi and Marc. Now we know more and that's a good thing.

  14. Florio says

    Bambi – you are AMAZING!

  15. Vaughn Felix says

    Great stuff!!!

  16. Israel photo studio says

    perfect thank you for your wisdom she explained perfect

  17. Cameron Monahan says

    Awesome advice.

  18. Jerome Milac says

    It comes around over and over : changing camera angles. Always a good advice, whatever the types of pictures.

  19. Rizwan Tahir says

    such a nice video thanx

  20. dalemews1 says

    Bambi's great. Almost as good as old Bob.(-: Gotta say Marc, you have a really nice, relaxed, easy going style of interviewing your guests.

  21. Advancing Your Photography says

    Bambi is the real deal and BTW she is a riot to be photographed by — resisting her is futile! she really knows how to get you to open up!

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