Portrait photography outdoor – Portrait with 6 Different Lenses

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Portrait photography outdoor – Portrait with 6 Different Lenses

100-400mm F/5.6, 70-200mm F/2.8 USM II, Macro 100mm F/2.8, 85mm F/1.2, 35mm F/1.4, 16-35mm F/2.8

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Portrait photography outdoor – Portrait with 6 Different Lenses

  1. Drug Master says


  2. Barky Von Schnauzer says

    What was the flash setting TTL or manual 1/4 – 1/2 etc

  3. Ivan Sapozhnikov says

    Great 👍🏼 thanks

  4. Matthew McConaghy-Shanley says

    What defuser setup do you have?

  5. sheldon murphy says

    You are really enjoyable to listen to sir ! Thank you for showing the different lenses !

    Cute kid, and I agree; Spider Man is cool 🙂

    Subscription Deserved
    Boone Iowa USA

  6. Aleesha says

    what light did you use for this?

  7. Sazan107 says

    Fantastic job! Congratulations! 🙂

  8. Boreo Kookies says

    Thank you for this video comparing 6 different lenses. Not only did it show the bokeh of each lens, but also the distance you had to be from your subject.

  9. Solrac Zilec says

    Wow I like your vid more than anyone else doing comparison.. it's straight forward and what i'm looking for (the picture quality).. very lovely 85mm f1.2 and the best of all, if only i can afford one 😅..

  10. Rage Studios says

    love the accent

  11. Mary Winford says

    Can the macro be used for portraits during a ceremony? Someone said It might be slow.

  12. Hussain Studio says

    You are Good Photographer. I like 85mm 1.2 and 200 mm lens.

  13. dxdesignz says

    Nice Bro.

  14. Mauinight Mauiboy says

    Nice job, I really liked the comparison of the shots at the end. One could get a good idea of what the lens actually can do.

  15. iron Nori says

    un marova tu u harrnu me 50mm 1.4 edhe 85mm 1.8 , po a me tregon Zoteri: a ja vlen me investu ne Objektiv ma te shtrejt? ose, a mundem me kry pun veq me 1 objektiv psh: 24-70mm 2.8 II ? aman nimom se ne ngofsha youtubin as felget e dimnit duhna me i shit e le mo kerrin..

  16. Olegasphoto says

    Small kid tight portrait isn't the best for showing the bokeh. Shooting waist portraits of adults will have fairly less bokeh and different look.

  17. SILVANA RUSI says

    The firs Albanian(Kosovo) photographer on youtube. Thnx for sharing your experience with as. Hope your channel to be one of the biggest on youtube. ÇR 💪💪💪

  18. Va Creative says

    qit Tutoriale shqip se Anglisht ka Sadush 🙂 Mamir ish kan shqip

  19. Carlos Mencia TT says

    Most amazing part is how you kept him still for so long. You need to do a tutorial on that.

  20. Carlos Mencia TT says

    Great job

  21. Utroll says

    no viewfinder were harmed during the recording of this video ahaha

  22. Kawalamlk says

    I think your channel may be helping for me. so i have done subscribed your channel, i need more behind the scene and more about photography like this. please keep this up…

  23. Scott Eguires says

    The 100-400 seems to have the best bokeh in those particular examples followed by the 70-200 which surprised me. I thought the 85 would be better. At least in my opinion.

  24. Fahim Farooq says

    Arber, you are such a great photographer! Your work is so awesome :O

  25. Arian Mavriqi says

    Wonderful dear brother, God bless you.

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