5 Tips For Taking Wedding Pictures

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Along the white edges of the warm, tranquil cyan waters of the Pacific Ocean the scent of refreshing flora drifts along with the breeze that wanders through breathtaking natural beauty. This is what makes Hawaii one of the most beautiful places on earth, and by following a few of the following Hawaiian wedding photography tips, those surroundings can be the extraordinary backdrop of amazing wedding pictures that will be admired and treasured for years to come.

Frame the Shot

One of the most common problems with most beach photography is that the photographer will leave wide open spaces, especially unbroken, or sloping, horizon lines. Keeping the Hawaiian horizon squared with the way the photo is framed will make all the difference in the feel of the result of the photograph. Making sure the photo is framed properly will leave the shot with a clean and artistic polish rather than the effect that the scene was somehow cut in half.

Over Expose

The bright glare of the tropical Hawaiian sun can ruin an otherwise perfect photograph. This can be avoided by using a spot meter to gauge shots. The meter should be put in the area of the photograph that should be well exposed to create the desired effect of overexposing outlying areas and drawing attention to the area that is exposed well. If the camera has an automatic setting, overexposing the shot by a stop or two from where the camera wants to expose to will generally result in a Hawaiian Wedding photograph that is rich and full of vibrant tones that draw attention to the focal point of the shot.

Black and White

The perfect way to set off the romantic mood of a wedding photographer are by rendering some of the photographs in black and white. This is also an especially handy effect to liven up photos that have been taken on cloudy Hawaiian days because they tend to make photographs appear grey and lifeless. Plus, who doesn’t like the timeless feel of classic black & white

Catch Special Moments

Traditional photographs are wonderful, but a little whimsy (like the flower girl and ring bearer sticking their toes in the surf at the edge of the water or Mom and Dad sharing a special look) adds individuality and touching a bit of character to the whole feel of a wedding. A creative wedding photographer must take advantage of opportunities to catch memorable special moments that will make a Hawaii wedding such a wonderful and unforgettable day.

In Front of the Sun

Another technical tip is that the photographer always make sure that the sun is behind the camera, otherwise there is a good chance that lens flare will mar some of the Hawaiian wedding photos. Having the sun behind the camera also lights every nuance of the scenes in the photographs with just the right crispness, which is perfect for beach photography.

These are the most important Hawaiian wedding photo tips on things to do, and things to avoid when taking beach wedding photos. If the photographer takes these things into account, the result will be photographs that brides will proudly display for everyone to see.

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