Maternity Photography Document the Beauty of Your Pregnancy

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If you’re expecting, you may have had several people ask you about whether or not you’ll be doing any maternity photos. Maternity photography has become quite popular in recent years.

Pregnancy is such a special and beautiful time in a woman’s life, and many women are wanting to document it in beautiful photographs. But although you are not feeling quite beautiful and the last thing you want to do is have your photo taken. While feeling camera shy is a perfectly normal sentiment, there are some very good reasons you should consider having maternity portraits taken.

Pregnancy is a gift

As someone who has had difficulty conceiving, I can tell you, whole-heartedly, how very blessed you are. The time that you carry your small one within you is precious and brief, especially when compared to the length of time you’ll have with your child once they are born. It’s easy to forget how you felt, the joy of feeling baby somersault and kick inside you. It’s such a special sensation and it’s over before you know it. But maternity photography can help save this time for you.

There comes a point during a woman’s pregnancy when she begins to feel less attractive. Being pregnant can be uncomfortable, but I would remind you again. This time is fleeting, and while you may feel uncomfortable now, there may be a time where you look back and miss the feeling of your little angel moving around in your womb. It’s amazing what a little pampering a good photographer can do too! Schedule a hair appointment, have your make up done and buy a new dress for your session.

You may just be surprised by how beautiful you look! After all, we are our own worst critics.

Another thing to consider is that you are not just documenting this time for you, you are documenting it for your child too. It can be fun for your grown baby to see what mommy looked like when he or she was in your tummy. Give them the gift of seeing how much you cherish them, even before they arrived into the world.

Having your portrait taken while pregnant can seem a terrifying concept, but there are many reasons to document your pregnancy. This is a special time and it’s over very quickly. A professional photographer can help you embrace and reserve this time for yourself and your children in beautiful, one-of-a-kind artwork! Plus, with a little pampering, your photographer may help you realize how beautiful you are, even when you may be feeling most uncomfortable.

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