Stunning Photo Using Camera Raw Filter In Photoshop CC

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If you’re using photoshop cs6 or other versions watch Here how it works for Jpeg File:
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Music by :
Syn Cole – Feel Good [NCS Release]

Syn Cole

  1. Raj kumar Sharma says

    Bahut achchha bataya sir bol ke batate to aur clear hota nice

  2. Akhila B says

    Could you please provide the image link

  3. Cool Pragyadipti says

    Damn😍😍😍😍 will try this trick soon in my pics

  4. Niraj sai says


  5. chinmay kamat says

    Nice. Thanks

  6. Muhamad Shareef says

    Very well done thanks!

  7. Ganco says

    How version Photoshop is it?

  8. Alan Santana says


  9. سلام عليكم اخي غالي ممكن طلب درس كيف عمل اضاء داخل فانوس

  10. Rober Bastian says

    woowww cool.. sundul gan

  11. Leonardo Pinheiro says

    blue cloud?

  12. Leon Višić says


  13. Hữu Chiến Nguyễn says

    Like your idead.amazing

  14. Jenn says

    So awesome just using camera raw! Learned some new tips too. Ty!

  15. Dinesh Karmur says

    Bro……Cant shown camera raw filter in Filter option in my photoshop Cs6.. Pls tell me how to shown it????

  16. Light Artistry says

    what buttons are you using when you are adjusting the whites, blacks etc so that it is a fully black screen/white screen?
    Thank you and incredible work 🙂

  17. Himanshu Mehra says

    very good job

  18. Interesting, thanks !

  19. JIM SNOW says

    nice , but needs better instruction

  20. Keny Parra says

    hello as I get this plugin

  21. The best tuts.. thank you

  22. Square Breaker says

    Hi, im kinda new to RAw but would be nice if you add txt to the video and say what your doing so people can learn from this 🙂

  23. Shubham Thakur says


  24. Atil Xeal says

    heyyyyyyyyyyyyy :p am using PS CS6 Extended Ii cant find the raw camera …why????

  25. Eye of the Tiger says

    But I don't like loud stupid Background Music on a Tutorial , I prefer somebody is talking and Explain NO MUSIC ON A TUTORIAL this is Brutal Disturbing !!!!

  26. Kenly Soto says

    How dumb of me. I have trashed several if not thousands of Camera Raw files due to not having Lightroom.Thanks!

  27. I´m using PS CC so the same as you and there is no camera raw option in filters… i cant finish my image because i dont know how to get camera raw..

  28. Nino Bartolo says

    You are very talented indeed, enjoyed watching your videos, but the choice of music, needs to adjust.

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