The Best Camera Settings For Incredible iPhone Photos

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Watch this iPhone photography tutorial to discover how to pick the correct values for each camera setting so that your photos will always turn out great.

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  1. Camille Martinez says

    Hi Sir! I appreciate your videos and just recently hit the subscribe button! I'd like to know how you color your videos with your current color profile. I really loved it. Thanks!

  2. AS says

    Nice video! Where did you get your tripod from?

  3. cean zoey says

    is this video made all by iphone?

  4. Susan Goodrich Lerner says

    Thank you!

  5. Jo T. Whitesell says

    Thanks I learned a lot today.

  6. Michele Szekely says

    Great video, Emil! Thank you. Your explanations are clear, you do it step by step, and although it looks basic, I always pick up something I had overlooked earlier. I've had my iPhone 7 plus for 3 months and I'm greatly enjoying it but I turned off "live" since I only use it once in a while, but all my shots came with a sort of sepia tone when I do use it… I actually like to use "square" photos so I never thought twice about it. You just made me realized I had left the photo option with a specific sepia filter! Pretty stupid of me…. Plus now I do use the Grid too. So a double thanks.

  7. Lynda Phillips says

    Great video. Thank you so much.

  8. Christine Nguyen says

    Hi Emil, great videos! Can you tell me what tripod would you recommend for iPhone and for traveling. I need for it to be lightweight and compact. Thanks

  9. Carol Addassi says

    Always wonderful to see your videos!

  10. Lea Faulks says

    Just tapping on the three circles in color doesn't work on my iphone. You have to go back to the original.

  11. Michael says

    Wish I had found your videos earlier 😆

  12. Dwight Broeman says

    Emil, I have the latest iOS version on my iPhone 10sMax. The HDR setting is either on or off. I do not see an option for auto come up on the screen. In this case, should I leave HDR on or off?


  13. Manny Perez says

    Emil, can you please tell me what tripod brand you are using in this video. That is precisely what I have been looking for.

  14. kriskeif says

    I learn something from every video you post! Thank you.

  15. Susan Goodrich Lerner says

    I have an iPhone 10xMax. When I tap on HDR, it only gives me the option of on or off. It does not show auto, on or off. What to do?

  16. Simonas Dailidė says


  17. Noah Schott says

    I have an iPhone SE and dont have the formats option in the settings. Why??

  18. Harish Benjwal says

    Could you please let me know which brand tripod you are using?💐

  19. Lourdes Perez says

    Can you tell us the name of the brand of the tripod you are using and the model, please 🙏 thanks

  20. Mummy Da Hero says


  21. Stella Dizon says

    This video makes me happy because it's photography, but also makes me sad because I only own iPhone 6.
    I can't relate. HAHAHA

  22. mary mulligan says

    Thank you so much for your video…very helpful..

  23. davit teng says

    Wow! Thanks for the info….

  24. Xxxanasxxx says

    What stand are you using

  25. Xxxanasxxx says

    What are you using to hold the phone

  26. Josue Guillen says

    Great video as always Emil. I hope can come to California again, I'd be happy to show you around and shoot!

  27. Matthew Leibrock says

    Wow, can't get any more basic then this. Not saying that's a bad thing…. this is just a video i'd have my mom watch after getting her her first touch screen phone.

  28. Shar Santos says

    Im newbie here on YT. Can i get subscribers? I'll do the same 🙂

  29. SFoxvideos says

    Sir, your video is very well-produced, and you do an excellent job of explaining things. Well done!

  30. Ana M says

    I always find your videos very useful. Thank you!

  31. Avocado Juice says

    Can you use iPhone 8 plus and show us great picture

  32. The Kreative Lyphe says

    Has anyone thought, when he says, "If you cannot hear me, tap on this video!…" How will you know top tap on the video to hear him. Lol its ironic!!😂😂😂 just saying.

  33. Maria Humblet says


  34. Jimboy Ramirez says

    Finally ! I changed high efficiency to most compatible

  35. Er Sl says

    How about a video of best subjects to take pictures of in 2x lens for X?

  36. Nusret Muslić says

    Emil is back

  37. Raymund Dumaquita says

    Thanks a lot for this video again 😊

  38. Jack Susanto says


  39. Arshaan Siddique says

    Can you please show us how to use iPhone camera lens? That is extra lenses like wide angle, fish eye, macro lens?

  40. Prince Charles Aryeetey says

    1st to comment😊

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