7 Little-Known Tricks For Taking Incredible iPhone Photos That Leave Everyone Speechless

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Watch this iPhone photography tutorial to discover 7 little-known tricks for taking incredible iPhone photos that leave everyone speechless.

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  1. Khian Kyle Vallejo says


  2. Bathwaterboy says

    Omg it’s the backyard scientist!

  3. Lisa Robin says

    Great video! Thank you for the lesson! Can you tell me which Iphone you are using in this video?

  4. furianpandit says

    Though I am not such fan of iPhone. Landed this page after looking stunning photography through phone.
    I am really impressed the way you have explained the features that not limited to iPhone and calmness and clarity are awesome in you.

  5. Hell broke Luce says

    Man ….that skateboard photograph was astounding… really beautiful. Kudos.

  6. Michael says

    I needed this

  7. Aisha Malik says

    I’m so glad and thankful to you for the amazing tips♥️ I never knew so much about my outstanding phone

  8. Gregory Damian says

    Amazing video

  9. Negin Ehsan Jawid says

    I love photography

  10. ART with Liam Kumawat says

    Where's 3rds law?

  11. Lost Soul says

    Sure that’s an iPhone? Or is it really a landline? 😂😂

  12. Avocado Juice says

    What iPhone did he use ?

  13. biffo1960 says

    Just read a good photography book job done

  14. Lauren A says

    I watched this months ago and it completely changed the way I take photos. Many people have complimented how professional my photos look and I’m so grateful for this video! Thank you!

  15. Kha Ra Rosal says

    So calm and informative brih👍🏾

  16. Gurprit Kaur says

    It was good to hear someone who wasn’t actually shrieking but talking with a soothing tone…

  17. erick gasa says

    Thanks a lot dude. Such a great video

  18. Ismi Musyafani says

    Thanx for the tips..

  19. Kayla’s Life!! says

    Can I just say this is the best photography video I have come across so far? I’ve been looking into photography lately trying to improve my Instagram and already this has very much helped. I just want to say thank you and I’m very greatful that you have created this video for people to enjoy and share these tips themselves. Cheers.

  20. WannaBFree says

    Fantastic tips and pics. Question for you: What do you have your phone plugged into with the white cord in this video?

  21. Ashan Mahawatta says


  22. Steve Roper says

    Invaluable for this novice! Thank you so very much. Also, the absence of aggressive background 'music' is appreciated.

  23. TheProgrammingJedi says

    Thank you!

  24. cristianorozco says

    Excelente el video, muy bien explicado y con buenos trucos. Muchas gracias!

  25. Alana * Oleander and Fig says

    May I ask about the tripod you’re using during the tunnel scene, please? Thank you!

  26. CHANIA Guide Lux Villas says

    you r very good….we love Latvia

  27. David Torres says

    Awesome video Emil. Thank you!

  28. Alpha Fili says

    1. Unique/Unexpected Angles
    2. Manual Focus
    3. Manual Exposure
    4. Lock Focus & Exposure
    5. Take Silhouette Photos
    6. Burst-Mode

  29. Kaspars Meilands says

    Ļoti labs video!

  30. IIODINII says

    At 06:30, expose wire (missing screwdriver) 😝

  31. Mzwandile Harmans says

    wow i learnt alot

  32. Nick Nok says

    So first I need an iPhone 😂

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