Event Photography Tips and Advice!

22 12

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If you take photos long enough, you may be approached to shoot an event. Rather it be Wedding, Corporate gathering, or Birthday party, photographing an event has its challenges. Here are my tips, covering everything from lenses, to the mindset you should have when being hired to photograph an event. Check it out!

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  1. Jason Osborne says

    If you enjoyed this video please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel! Iā€™m trying to hit 1000 subs by my birthday 2/23! Thank you in advance to all you visionaries out there!! #raceto1000

  2. Zayd says

    Great video with great tips! Keep up the great vids

  3. glongSJK says

    This was great, straight to the point, thank you

  4. Jason Charles Lucero says

    Good job bro

  5. Lip stick says

    Wow, thank you for this video… I have been thinking about doing event photography, but didn't know where to start or who to ask…
    More videos, please… Thumbs UP!!!

  6. RglovesBooks says

    Would a 50 mm and a 85 mm 1.8. be a good choice

  7. Abhinav Ganorkar says

    Thanks for making this video man…i was looking exactly for this…to the point.

  8. Sahel Arash says

    good info but too much background noise, got a headeach in the end šŸ™

  9. Davin Tes says

    Great advice! Thank you.

  10. Will A. says

    Thanks for the Advice. New to the community. Trying to get my Photography off the ground give me a like on IG – http://www.instagram.com/lvl5photo

  11. ted K says

    Well done Jason ! I really enjoyed watching your video and got a few tips which is great as I've only shot a handful of events so far and this one coming up is indoors. I am going to subscribe to see more great videos.

  12. Lockiel Hodgson says

    Very helpful and informative video!

  13. Dennis Clark says

    Great video well done. Thanks for sharing.

  14. erick peguero says

    Great video!!!

  15. Randall Coleman says

    Lots of great tips. Thank you šŸ‘

  16. Mahir NeBeu says

    Merci !! Shooting my first event Friday, and I only have my 55mm so I was frazzled for a minute lol, BUT not now!

  17. Marlarys Laureano says

    Great video

  18. Victor Pena says

    I have my first event in a week. Ut is going to be a sweet 16 and I am going to be using 85mm 1.8, 16mm 1.8 and a 55mm what do you think about that selection of lenses for a sweet 16?

  19. nHereWeGO says

    I have a standard lens for Nikon D3200 is it okay to start an event shooting with it?

  20. Henly Forbesly says

    Thank you for this video..Very relaxed and informative explanation. I learnt a lot. Thanks once again

  21. Chris McPhee says

    Thanks Bro!! Great Advice….I have two events this month. I'll be watching you. Please keep the content coming!! #SniperEye

  22. Kim - Envieux Photography says

    Great Details! Thanks!

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