My Photography NIGHTMARE!

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What’s going on guys! In today’s vlog I’m gonna share the story of my event photography nightmare. It was the worst thing to ever happen to my business and my reputation. Mistakes happen, lesson learned! Anyways, if you liked this video maybe consider subscribing? Have a great day either way 🙂

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  1. Takashima Kento says

    Hit 5stars for him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Alex Jackson-Smith says

    Ouch. All I can say is you need a woman, they forget nothing. My wife is really good at keeping me on track!!! 🙂 A.,

  3. Zerak says

    Damn didn’t know you looked so joocy m8

  4. Iq Rooker says

    i love how haydens vids acc get straight to the story rather than dragging out the intro

  5. Max says

    The bigroom track playing in this made it feel really weird

  6. Allen Johnson says

    Yes this happened to me once. Got home after being out with family. I get the same text asking "hey where are you?" You won't believe how hard and fast my heart dropped i had to rent a car and damn near speed to this event. Ever since then EVERYTHING goes into my phones calender with multiple reminders

  7. Legoat says

    Is it preferably easier to work for a photography company rather than starting one on your own?

  8. Jordan Spinks says

    Do you have any tips for a beginner?

  9. Harold Online says

    Why the Christmas lights on the desk? hahaha

  10. Mamiya Phan says

    "She only turns 21 once. It was her special night. You ruined her life!" She's a narcissist. I Guarantee it. No big loss.

  11. Hangover Media says

    Talk less do more

  12. Photo Concept Photography says

    I should have called me I would have done the job for you if it was in Melbourne .

  13. Senate300 says

    Plan all the way to the end.

  14. Parker Sauder says

    Hey Hayden… would you say that making a business for photography is better than just being a freelancer?

  15. John Cantrell says

    Is that light dome you got on your flash worth buying?

  16. Jean Manzanarez says

    It’s awesome that you’re honest about your mistake!! I also messed up about 2 months ago, I had one of my first photography gigs set up and I was nervous the night before, I stayed up way too late prepping but also couldn’t sleep from being nervous and completely slept past my alarm in the morning! I felt so bad and seeing that message and missed calls I can relate to how you felt. Oh well we all gotta learn from our mistakes and keep moving forward!

  17. Adolfo Hernandez says


  18. Ailton Bechaire Pictures says

    Name music intro man ??? Beautiful Movie!!!

  19. Ethan Bares says

    Thank you for sharing this with us so hopefully we never make a mistake like this lol

  20. Sparryax says

    Hire me as a part of your NYC team xD. Hit me up for inquiries @stevenisuw on IG.

  21. PizzaPete says

    Chick sounds petty

  22. Steven Noblin says

    This time is the time when you need to make the best of it and make it awesome. The show must go on.

  23. Caleb Fox says

    Danggg that stinks man!

  24. subto pew says

    My best youtuber

  25. Lferra ferra says

    what's  the flash and defuser you use for your camera

  26. grande says

    This is why I remind people 2 days before the event

  27. joao9jack says

    Man I'm from Portugal and I love your content. Don't know how you don't have more views. Keep the great work.

  28. I love you man

  29. Jurian Cuypers says

    Hi Hayden! I am an Belgian Event/nightlife Photographer and doing it for one year now. Could you give me some critique on my work? My FB page is called 'Jurography'. I hope i will never have the same issue you had 😮
    cheers! You can contact me via FB or IG to chat about it. Because you are doing it for a longer time it would be nice!

  30. Rick Moro says

    Ohh Man that sucks bet you lost sleep over that one!
    But as allway's
    This too will pass

  31. Simran Gupta says

    Hayden, did you go to a photography school or are you self taught? How did you start your photography gig and when did it start catching on?

  32. GUIBENE says

    if i am the boss of youtube i gonna give u 100M subscribe ! dude great work keep going ❤❤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  33. Will Watson says


  34. william says

    bro… you fucked up

  35. Erin Gilbert says

    At least you have learnt from your mistake 😊 and hopefully the person learns to one day understand mistakes happen!

  36. Си Мо says


  37. ZeR0 says

    Ohhh that' sad… But now you learnt from your mistake ( sry for my english….)

  38. Max Mencl says

    Top videos bro! Can you add me on facebook? 😀

  39. Harris K says

  40. RomT films says

    first comment! hahaha

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