Fashion Wedding Shoot in Abandoned Mining Cave Interfit Off Camera Flash & Rotolight by Jason Lanier

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Join award winning photographer Jason Lanier and his team for an unforgettable shoot in an abandoned mine in the hills of the Nevada desert! PLEASE THUMBS UP AND SUBSCRIBE.

Using the Rotolight Anova and off camera flash from the Interfit Pro Flash 180’s, Jason takes a model into this cave and conducts a shoot that utilizes video lighting mixed with off camera flash. He even throws in some shots with his Nikon Speedlights using Pocket Wizards.

We truly hope you enjoy this shoot that even includes aerial helicopter footage from Jason’s buddy and team mate Vanden King. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to share, thumbs up, and subscribe.

  1. Pa Ct says

    Lol Jason……..Murdered by a sasquatch

  2. X. B.O says

    LOL!!!!³ And your assistant should pull all the set with her instead of you.

  3. Kevin Simmons says

    beautiful photo shoot

  4. Bob Gamble says

    Who is the model and does she have IG?

  5. Ben Dailey says

    This was amazing! Great shoot!

  6. Diemo Reinhardt says

    8:06 MADE MY DAY

  7. ll2nycell says

    Jason man. I learn so much from these videos.

  8. hawg427 says

    Run across Jimmy Hoffa in there? LOL This cave reminds me of the movie series of the nuclear inbred family that picked off the ARMY Reserve guys in a location like that. LOL Great video as always Jason.I see there is always going to be Aholes that will deface the natural beauty of our environment with spray paint 🙁

  9. David Abbs says

    So most of your shots are 3 light setups? A light from the front off camera high and directed, a keylight from the side often snooted and a backlight. I need more lights to have a go at some of these!

  10. Ixver Pro says

    What is the name of the light?

  11. Melissa Rajpaulsingh says

    ur insane!!! in the best way ever lol omg I hope to meet u one day, I'm obsessed with ur work

  12. Janet E Brown says

    Such creativity….I love the gear and have on my list…Thank you…

  13. Roman Mishukov says

    Jason you are master of photography! %)
    I will be glad to see you here, in Moscow!

  14. Margaret Graham says

    this is the most unusual photo shoot I have seen but its highly effective a rough texture of earthen caves surrounding the beauty of the bridal dress and its satin smooth flow… I would love to hear the models view on this and interview – I think I would be scared but excited. its seriously unusual. it would look great with a more baroque and face feathered coloured gowns as well. and the graffiti is annoying in the back ground.  the use of lighting and drama here is great. love cathy

  15. gordon wharton says

    iiv seen these bare bulb flashes with the battery pack in three sizes 180, 360, and 600 however also under lots of different names Godox, Cheater, and strobies . who is the manufacturer ?

  16. MK Norris says

    Amazing! Wow! Beautiful model!

  17. canturgan says

    When the shuttle lifts off you only have one chance to get it right. In a cave with models you have quite a few chances.

  18. canturgan says

    I always hear the phrase, 'It's not about the gear'. It turns out it's all about the gear.

  19. Miro Fotografias says

    Habla mucho

  20. dark doll says

    So nice to see one of these location shoots that is believable and just the right amount of goofy.Nice work 🙂

  21. Night-ym- says

    What is the whole point of your videos? Is it just to show off the stuff that is given to you?

  22. DrChickenSlinger says

    Awesome Jason! If you like, I'd love it if you checked out ryanallredphotography on instagram! He is a big fan 🙂

  23. Nkosi Okonjo says

    You are simply awesome…man I just love your videos, talent and professionalism.

  24. Myke D says

    It would be cool if you could just kind of give the viewer of some technical info as you're walking around and setting up the next shot.

  25. Bjorn Hermansen says


  26. ovidiu sorin cegus says

    Mr. Faboulous! Bravo! 🙂

  27. Danita Gainey says

    The cave shots are outstanding.

  28. Paulo Pereira says

    Hi Jason, all my life i loved photography and have a Canon 600D for a couple of years but only recently i started to take it more seriously and have been watching tons of videos on youtube.
    Let me tell you that i love your videos and this one is the best so far, the 6 flags was also great.
    LOVE THE PHOTOS and have learned quite a lot with you.
    Will keep following you.
    Great job you have.

  29. aral2dmax says

    On a shoot like this , it is very critical that you leave with the gear you went in with. It's dark and it's easy to forget stuff.

  30. Green Plasticbag says

    4:21 AN ALIEN FACE;

  31. d no says

    which strobe do you use ? 

  32. Mary Vee says

    i want to get into your brain 🙂 

  33. Abdul Hafidz says

    great shoot, so amazing. love it!!!

  34. Gary Bower says

    Fantastic location….great video…..Superb images, especially the Angel Wing images at the end. Thanks Jason for sharing and Merry Christmas and a great New Year.

  35. Mark Scott Images says

    loving the video Jason. and cant wait to try my new interfit strobies 360 out should be here this week

  36. Jacqueline Marino says

    Awesome video but location not for us old folks.  Wish I was at least 10 years younger, I would have loved to have been on that location shoot.  Love the way to drag the Think Tank bags through the dust and dirt too.  These are awesome lights fromm Rotolitght.  Great job Jason and the team.

  37. Thunderontheroad says

    Just think if Jason finds and photographs Bigfoot it would be the first in focus pictures of him ever!!

  38. Hattanas Kumchai says

    Nice video.
    What are the advantages of shooting this place at night?

  39. kingalias says

    Jason, you might have to stop posting videos before you switched to Sony lol. Despite every video clearly stating that these shoots were before the switch, your viewers always seem to be completely lost.

  40. Giuxer's Films says

    Sei bravissimo

  41. DestonProductions says

    why back to the nikon?

  42. Tara Jackson says

    Love, love, love!

  43. James O'Neill says


  44. Howard Hearne says

    I don't even like abandoned places but those pictures are beautiful.

  45. Simranpalsingh Kohli says

    Just wowwwwwwwwwwwww 🙂

  46. Hu Ko says


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