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Period. End of Sentence wins Oscars 2019 for Best Documentary Short at 91st Academy Awards. This Indian film shot in UP’s Hapur is based on the topic of the deep stigma associated with menstruation and the work of real life Pad Man which is like the topic of this film Gaokar- A Period House..

Rani is a 14 year old girl who is married with Baldev 30 year old man. She starts menstruation first day of marriage and young wife is treated as untouchable by her husband family. She is send for 4 days to stay in the thatched hut outside the village where girls and women are banished during menstruation periods, called GAOKOR. This young bride have no idea about menstruation because it’s her 1st time and she is very scared & confused. She than gets molested by some boys & what happens next shows the shocking plight of women in villages… Menstrual Hygiene Day #MenstrualHygiene This subtitled award winning Hindi short movie features Ratan Mani Deewan, Satya Prakash, Kritika Khodwani & is directed by Priyanka Pathak. DISCLAIMER: Any similarity in this film to any person, place, region, community, customs is merely coincidental & not intentional. ALSO WATCH –
ALSO WATCH – New short film on periods & deep stigma associated with menstruation
Heart touching story of a village girl –
Young Girl’s Dilemma who was molested in childhood –
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  1. Six Sigma Films says

    ALSO WATCH – New short film "The Best Gift" on periods & stigma associated with menstruation

  2. Harshita Harshi says

    How ridiculous it is, born as a girl is not mistake.. periods r the part of girls' life
    s it's true "a woman is enemy to another woman"

  3. Yakshi Subham says

    Pehla period uspe naya mahol, need lot of love and care but get most humilating torture

  4. natturuchi Tvm says

    It is so cruel mensuration os common for all girls

  5. Abhishek soni says


  6. Abhi Kamath says

    This why educating girls is most important ! She loses her confidence to fight against evils and dishonour

  7. Golu Kumar says


  8. Ravi Panday says

    respect mother sis wife all girls pls

  9. Bushra Kazmi says

    Very touching story no words really


    Koi word ni h bolne k liye bs tears nikle phle ….aaj jo bi ladkiyan kr rhi h acha ya bura ..

    But vo shi h kuki ese mrne se bdiya hi h chahe vo kuch kre phle ldkiyon n bahut jhel liya yr😢😢😢

  11. Harleen Paul says

    Shrm aani Chahiye aise logo ko…isi period ki wja se is dunia me aate ho Orr isi ki wja se apni MAA behn Beti ko ghar se nikalte ho..

  12. Preeti Kumari says

    Nice video

  13. Monalisa Biswal says

    Good and inspiring story

  14. babool sahu says

    ashu a gaye dekh ke itne v gawar hai hamare desh me plz respect girls😢😢😢😢😢

  15. Sapna sain says

    Jo auratto ka samma nhi ker sakte unhe samaj m rahne ka koi huk nhi Ladko ko utna piyar do ki wo bade hoke aurto ka samman ker ske. Chahe wo Lady young ho ya elder

  16. Hira Lal says

    Aurat ko samman do

  17. Tannu Paul says

    What type of society is this? I feel very guilty for the girl

  18. Vanya lifestyle Tips says


  19. Neha Sharma says

    Shame on this type of society.Jahan aurat ka samman nhi,wahan kuch nhi.

  20. love evergreen says

    I really like this short filn

  21. Thriveni Chukka says

    Really it's ridiculous due to illiterate and authority of men such a bloody women also playing major role in their sons life girls we can feel the pain

  22. Shikha Kumari says

    This is wrost thing ever

  23. Surbhi Jain says

    Not only in rural areas but also in some urban areas,some of these myths are still in practice. Even in my own house. I am tired of explaining my mom that these are all myths but she always used to argue with me and shut me up by saying that you can do whatever you want to do after you leave my house for marriage or for job but for now you have to follow my rules. This is the harsh reality.

  24. Vivek Singh says

    Ase gaav me police kanoon hai ki Nahi…. very angry far knowing this….

  25. Inderjeet Kaur says

    Our government should have to do something to awear such type of society.

  26. Bipul Sen says

    Very bad done to women in our society.we should stop this culture.

  27. kashish Thakur says

    Shame on this society whose thinking is like this

  28. g harish says

    Super story

  29. amit pratap Singh says

    मासिकधर्म होना किसी लड़की के लिए अभिशाप नही बल्कि भगवान का वरदान है…..जो हर लड़की को माँ बनने का सौभाग्य दिलाता है…..लोग इसे छुआछूत की बीमारी न समझे….ये जीवन की उत्पत्ति का आधार है….इसलिए…मासिकधर्म होने पर अपनी लड़की को प्यार दें सम्मान दे….!!!!

  30. Payal Sharma says

    Omg Kisi ki Soch itni BHI gir skti h yr aaj k time m BHI Kuch nhi ho skta aise logo ka

  31. Gunjan Jaggi says

    Bhaii periods achut hai to tum b achut ho kyuki tum b use sb se peda huye hai 😏😏😏

  32. Devyanshi Yadav says

    How is our society yr

  33. Mamta Patav says

    😢😢 very sad

  34. vedant agarwal says


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