The Godfather's Family Wedding Album – Mazurka (Alla Siciliana)

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From the rare soundtrack album “The Godfather’s Family Wedding Album”, of course from the movie The Godfather. (1972).

Side two is “Sicilian Wedding”, this is the third track.
Called “Mazurka (Alla Siciliana)”.

Composed, conducted and produced by Carmen Coppola.
It was recorded in Naples with the same musicians seen providing the entertainment in the film.

  1. Christopher S. O' says

    In The Godfather I I liked Michael & Apollonia’s wedding there in Sacova where it was filmed in Sicily much better than Carlo(who was a real jerk, traitor,wife beater) & Connie’s wedding.

  2. Christopher S. O' says

    Alla Siciliana was also played at Michael & Apollonia’s wedding where Michael & Apollonia had their very first dance in The Godfather I.

  3. Niko here says

    I wish i can find actual perfect one like in the movie

  4. Name Surname says

    Very beautiful song…Michael and Apollonia's song://

  5. Pina Colada says

    I love you for posting this

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