How to Bang Out Family Photos FAST: Breathe Your Passion with Vanessa Joy

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Hate family photos? OH WELL! Family photography at weddings is must and a HUGE method to impressing your potential clients and making your current ones happy. This tutorial will show you Vanessa’s sure-fire method to photographing family pictures. Get ready to learn how to photograph families fast and with complete confidence that you’re not missing a thing.

Download the Family Photo Guide Here:

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  1. John Fishlock says

    Fabulous, great guide too! Thank you!

  2. Jared Ribic says

    I wish I would have watched this before the wedding I shot last weekend!
    Now I'll be ready for the next one!

  3. Ryan Eda says

    So entertaining to watch and of course premium content! I would watch again because it makes me smile. 🙂

  4. Tim Donovan says

    You are awesome thanks.

  5. Lavoy Harrell says

    Can you do a video on shooting wedding processionals, I struggle with getting sharp pictures during those time

  6. Stephen Johnson says

    Oh wow I love joe buissink. One my favourite ever photographers…..

  7. Jaye Kogut says

    Love the humor in this! Nice way to know we're not alone in what we're doing in this industry haha!

  8. Adin Hilmi says

    Hey thanks for the guidance especially on the list. Will had my very 1st solo engagement photography duty later today and your show really give me the inspiration I need. Keep it up!

  9. clark conway says

    Very relaxed in front of the camera!  And some very good tips for shooting weddings if that is your cup of tea.

  10. Glen Roberson says

    Nope, I can barely talk to models let alone people who have no idea how to pose!

  11. RJTech says

    Good info, didn’t like the format. But I understand why you did it.

  12. Ricky Tendean says

    Love this brand new Vanessa!

  13. Pedro Víctor Melo says

    Love your infographic with emojis hehe very creative!!! 👏👏👏👏👏

  14. Gabriel Belizário says

    gostei muito

  15. Anthony Shepard says

    OUTSTANDING commentary: I know exactly what U R talking about. I've done this for years don't need a list I've done it so much. You nailed it. LOL. 📸📷🐢🐢🐢

  16. Sio' says

    This was great! Thank you!

  17. Miguel Almanza says

    I shoot Quinceañeras (young woman, coming-of-age 15th birthday celebration, Hispanics/Latinos only, etc.), and there's no need for a list. Usually we shoot these at the altar/steps of the church, and most if not all the family stays. There are "chamberlanes" and "damas" (equivalent to groomsmen and bridesmaids) and a main "chamberlán". We do those first, a few poses, then move on to parents only, parents and siblings, and then add grandparents of the girl, then grandparents only, then godparents (if present), then each family of relatives, special relatives, then friends and other families present. Then we do a shot of the whole group of churchgoers. FAST and easy.

  18. Miguel Quiles says

    Love the new format for your show! 🙂

  19. Jason Trayer says

    If your contract isn't tight enough to cover missed shots, even with a list, you have bigger problems. I always use a list.

  20. cwetfeet says

    Well done

  21. kalel33 says

    I watched this to get some ideas on family photos but didn't realize it was for a wedding. Usually, I would just have stopped watching but she is extremely attractive and I had to watch the entire video.

  22. Mike James says

    Love this one! Great to see more humor in these videos. (while still remaining informative). Thanks, Vanessa!  🙂

  23. DKI Outdoors says

    Awesome Sauce – I make a General List from a hour before I get to the ceremony – the ceremony – the formal session – the dinner and the dance – Learn my lesson back in the day

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