Portrait Retouching (Affinity Photo Windows)

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Join James as he performs several typical edits to a photograph using Affinity Photo for Windows.

Several features are highlighted in this video, including:

Automated Frequency Separation
Healing Brush and Clone Brush
Merging visible layers
Live filter layers
Live brush previews and blend modes
Changing/adding colour tones
Changeable workflow behaviours via Assistant dialog
Live scrubbing History panel

See a full list of official tutorials at affin.co/PhotoTuts

Credits: Photograph by James Ritson.

  1. David Edmunds says

    I was waiting for you to fix her red eye, oh well 🙁

  2. Lee says

    Woo! More Affinity Photo!

  3. X Y says

    So you removed the wrinkles but made her some alien eyes, nice….

  4. Dartanbeck says

    Fantastic! Thanks 🙂

  5. Alexey Orekhov says

    Excellent video! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Elías Mercado says

    Dude the original photo is a way better than the edition!! What a mistake about the light addition it has not sense


    i noticed your "filters" tab has like triple the amount of effects.. where did you get them please??

  8. C. Joel Wise says

    this is excellent. Thank you!

  9. ValiRossi says


  10. Mariana Rodriguez says

    Great tutorial. thank you…..

  11. kona rider says

    I can do the same thing with Lightroom 5

  12. Ian Broad says

    This was a really great tutorial, thanks

  13. Vojtěch Moonroot says

    I really, really loved the video since the change of the lights. It just feels like too much. I like all from the video since the last changes and find it really helpfull for me as a beginner with Affinity Photo. But in the end, it brings too much light into the face what shines with little bit unnatural yeallow color in the final version.

  14. charlesxix says

    Just installed Affinity Photo for Windows. What a steep learning curve from Elements and PhotoPlus but wow how much it is capable of.

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