1. Melissa says

    Where did you get that plastic holder from awesome idea.thanks.

  2. HomeQueen says

    Great idea!! I love it!

  3. Michelle Cooley says

    Brilliant!  Thx Tracy.  You're so cute.

  4. Linda Smith says

    So beautifully done, Tracy!  Keep up the good work.

  5. Kerry Anderson says

    I need this about 20 years ago.  

  6. J Jones says

    Why did you pick brooke as the one to display?! I would have picked Chelsea.

  7. J Jones says

    haha that's actually a really good idea. Good timing too…

  8. Christopher Andelin says

    Great video! Just needs some upbeat music

  9. Chelsea Andelin says

    Awesome. This is super helpful! I am totally going to do this

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