1. Shaniya Williams says

    😍😍 SEN19R I'm ready to take miness soon

  2. IamAshantè Diane says

    Class of 2019 I’m ready to Graduate in May 😛😛😛

  3. Jnaiya Lewis says

    Where you from ?

  4. OG FAY says

    you're gorgeous! #SEN19RS we up next

    also what product did you use on your eyebrows?

  5. Madison Miller says

    I take mine tomorrow😝😝😝 #2k19

  6. williber soler says

    simone whatsapp 1-829-265-1877 add me

  7. Nyah James says

    SEN19R ! Hurddd Chuu!!

  8. victoria christean says

    came across your video and i love it! you are so pretty!! <3

  9. Lori Santiago says

    I'm so nervous to take my photos next Thursday 🤧

  10. Mikaela Foster says

    I love your body how much do you weight ? It’s like the perfect slim thick ! 😍😩

  11. Chris Wells says

    2.9k views 👀 litty

  12. Sophia Martinez says

    getting mines taken next weekend sooo excited #classof2019, you look so pretty though 😍

  13. F G says

    Class of 2k19 here🙆🏾‍♀️

  14. Amour Madison says

    i take mine in 2 weeks i’m so anxious and nervous 😫

  15. Starr Timmons says

    2k19 ‼️😍

  16. Nancy Augustin says
  17. Caitlin Marchan says

    Class of 2019 Squad😀😀🎓🎓🎓🎓🎓

  18. Liyah Queen2001 says

    Class of 2019 in this bitch ✨👏🏾

  19. Girlie Girl says

    2019 GANGGG my pics are tomorrowww💕💕

  20. Chynaa .B says

    😍gorgeous,,2k19 is the WAVE , MOVE allat

  21. dad cards says

    LOOK AT US 2k19 🤙🏽🤙🏽

  22. Ijeoma Ezekwe says

    Where did you get that denim skirt from?
    The one you wore with the black top

  23. Ruth Gaël says

    Girl u did ur hair and you gorgeous

  24. Destani Teasley says

    Yess honey slaayyy😍 I’m taking mines today 2k19 we in there🎓❤️

  25. Becca Wecca says

    What foundation did you use?

  26. xo Tanae says

    You liked amazing 😍 , sen19r szn !!! 🤘🏾

  27. oceanbliss says


    also I’m getting my senior pictures tomorrow yay

  28. Hailey Diana says

    What foundation did you use?

  29. Monet Foust says

    Girrllll!!! It feels so real now.

  30. AmourShana says

    SEN19R i can't wait to graduate already!!!!!!

  31. AsiaShanyia says

    yess we up next #sen19r .. 🤪good video sis , you gained a sub .

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