1. Andrew Gonzalez says


  2. salmanzhr says

    hi, i wanted to know how much background blur is good for a portrait…more than f2 or less than f2

  3. Samantha Shugars says

    These are really useful videos but the fact that she doesn't even have a f***ing wrist strap drives me crazy!!! With an Lseries lens!??? Ugh, asking for something bad to happen…..

  4. creativevision says

    I would love to do more bridal portraits by my brides usually don't want to take photos by themselves or there isn't time besides during getting ready.

  5. LENTE TV says

    Hi Jasmine !!! i love your work and the oportunity that you give to us to lern from you !! your so generous !! please ; can you tel me wish lens are usin in this photoshoot ?? Its 85 , 1.2 ??? best regards !!!

  6. MV Shaw says

    What were you using for a lens in that shoot; 85mm ?

  7. MrsMomMe says

    Jasmine, as a fellow "brown pride" woman, you are totally my inspiration, and I am SO glad that I found you. I just love you! Thanks you so much for all that you share and for all of the help you provide. BTW, I absolutely LOVE your camera bag! If you see this, please let me know what kind it is!!! (((hugs)))

  8. Glen Converse says

    You really need to add light to these images.  The eyes arena deep shadow and and dull.  Strobe/Flash would brighten things up.

  9. Lindsay Berceau says

    What lens are you using? thanks!

  10. Drogos79 says

    so I am not the only one shooting with left eye making weird faces. LOL. Good!

  11. Sandy W says

    Amazing video. Very helpful, I have a question, I started photography as a hobby and I've been doing a lot of shoots for my friends and friends of friends, I've been using my Nikon D5100 wich works pretty amazing but I think is time to upgrade my camera what do you suggest to upgrade? By the way your hair is just beautiful. 🙂

  12. Larissa Farinazo says

    Which lens are u using on this video? Thnaks

  13. daryl desjardins says

    I think this video is very helpful, what I really like it's down to earth simple easily understood. not technical confusing issues. thank you.   

  14. Alex CalmCroft Tokarsky says

    True professional does not need a lot of time to share his own experience. 2m 24s. Brilliant. Thank you very much!

  15. Juil says

    What about smarter AND harder?

  16. Shaun Jon says

    Your shutter squint is too cute. Nice tips, thanks.

  17. Yvette Louise says

    Thanks J* for the tips. I tend to love photographing the face! but then can find I've god LOADS of head shots 😉 great for a head shoot.
    "Phoenix- Halcyon" I feel you, what i found works for me is to tell myself to relax, breathe & enjoy the shoot. I also take screen shots of different poses i like on my iphone an for the first few shoots I worked to them. It wasn't that i wanted to "copy" others work, just merely use them as a reference as to something "i'd like to achieve" or some "inspiration". I'd always walk away with something different, as my style of photography IS different and i'd always be pleased with my results, learning as i went.. and i'm still very much doing that. What i said to myself though is, "let yourself, BE just be you and don't give yourself a hard time, i found that if i ever started worrying then things got ugly. But when i said, Ok i'm going to let it happen & enjoy without the fear, it went well. x

  18. fei2002 says

    Amazing tips!

  19. HeatherA76 says

    you're so amazing & inspiring! so love when you post videos! they are the best! oh & btw… you are stunning! 

  20. Phoenix- Halcyon says

    Seriously Jasmine.. your confidence helps ME as a hobbyist photographer looking for a full career… I just got my first Maternity photo shoot done and I've been self taught and currently taking classes to up my understanding and knowledge of how to REALLY take control and utilize my camera.(Rebel T3 with 18-55MM and 75-300mm lenses) Although, it's hard for me a bit to not be awkward… I tend to stop talking besides saying what i'd like them to do… although I am getting better. It does help that I have great support from my fiance, family and friends but it's still like aI freeze up a bit and almost forget all the things I wanted to try! Any suggestions? THANK YOU for being my inspiration!

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