Senior Portraits | The Best Way to Capture and Sell Them | Jeff Cable

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It is that time of year again when all those high school seniors are thinking about their pending graduation. Both them and their parents are also thinking about senior portraits. And no we are not talking about the canned images taken by the school, we are talking about the creative photos taken outside in various locations. Jeff Cable is back once again to share his photos and business advice to help you take better senior photos and make money doing so. Jeff likes to keep it simple and will be showing you how he captures great images with one or two flash units and not much more.

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  1. shaolin95 says

    Blah blah blah I don't bring assistants blah blah I dont bring 10 strobes blah blah no make up…I keep it simple….
    Then the photos are shown and all I see are snapshot quality subpar photos. So yeah…keeping it simple is one thing but delivering snapshot instead of a high quality product is another.

  2. Old400 says

    Very well done…………..just like always.

  3. Jack Jordan says

    Am NEVER disappointed in any of Jeff's presentations. Practical and real….refreshing, thank you!

  4. HoudiTv says

    Awesome presentation Mr. Jeff, thanks a lot Mr. Jeff and B&H

  5. Derek Macdonald says

    i like jeff. i would like to go when he comes one day

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