1. ольга бородина says

    любят европейцы сами на себя жуть нагонять,а потом к психологам бегут,неудивительно

  2. zalina khugaeva says

    4 38😨😨😨😨

  3. Florentina Canala says

    To many child 's…😢

  4. Pamela Moni Rodriguez says

    La fotografia 1:11 minut fué usada en una pelicula. No recuerdo el titulo de la pelicula ahora…de paso decir que odio los velatorios, es alargar el sufrimiento de los que quedamos y exponer al fallecido sin necesidad. Pero bueno lo respeto obviamente.

  5. Cintia Duarte says

    Mórbido mas, ao mesmo tempo fascinante!!!

  6. SrGaliatos Gamer says

    Wtf lol 😲😲😲

  7. thamires Silva says

    Reparei que nessa época morria muita criança, pq será?

  8. Flaviana Figueiredo says

    Isso era monda Deus me defenda…..

  9. Fee Olivers says

    Bizarro,jamais aguardaria a foto de uma pessoa q eu amo morta.

  10. Angela Dixon says

    When you think about it some of the photos show they mustn't be short of money they have got expensive coffins and the clothing is immaculate I'd just feel sorry for the poor people in those days having to search around or work especially the children to get a slice of bread.

  11. Cristiane Chris says

    Um dia cada um nós estaremos nessa situação sem saber que estamos .

  12. Ela mateos garcia says

    Los niños dan mucha penita….

  13. Em Dois Minutos says

    Triste😢mostra que a vida é um sopro.

  14. Merewyn Composto says

    As to the photo immediately following your question to viewers if they would take the next picture….Absolutely!!! I am still giggling about the eyes of that poor (living) child. I want a copy to hang on my wall! A thing of beauty, my friend. And to anyone else reading this, judge me after you have seen it yourself.

  15. cris silva says

    Não adianta se esconder um dia vai chegar a nossa vez

  16. NÃO DESISTA says

    Nossa 😢😢😢😢😰

  17. Marley Bu says

    The young lady at 0.19 is beautiful, but all those poor wee children. So so sad..

  18. Astar Sheran says


  19. Angela Dixon says

    I had to have a laugh at one photo where they are on the porch holding the coffin up it reminded me of a program I used to watch Mr dead the talking corpse they had him stood in the corner of the room in his coffin. Look it up and you will get what I mean Mr dead the talking corpse.

  20. DJR says

    Too many young-uns😢

  21. Astrid says

    0:18 she seems a girl at my local cemetery

  22. Griss Marquez says

    Minuto 2:13 quien mordió la cabeza del señor?

  23. Carol Driehorst says

    Sweet little kids are heartbreaking to look at, feel bad for what those Families went through.

  24. esechucote52 says

    tomorrow is promised to nobody

  25. wax kopp says

    Why do i have the impression that not everybody looks dead? That creepy music makes these pictures even creepier to look at.

  26. Mia Estremos says

    What is sad about this…is that most of them are children that died. 💔😢

  27. liliana moshenets says

    Зачем эти ужасные фото?

  28. الزمن ﻻيعود says

    الله يرحمهم

  29. blu runner1 says

    Sleep in heavenly peace…

  30. Suely Gomes says


  31. 은숙 조 says

    아이와 젊은이, 사랑하는 이의 죽음은 헤어나올 수 없는 슬픔이다. 사랑하는 가족들에 둘러싸여 힘겨운 마지막을 보내고 추억하고자하는 가족이 있어 그나마 다행인건지. 아름답고도 너무나 슬픈 사진들이다.

  32. doctorno0070 says

    Creepy and ghoulish as all fuck.

  33. liliana moshenets says

    Старые или пожилые в гробах, но дети! Которые , только что начали жить! Зачем?!

  34. liliana moshenets says

    Вроде спят! П…..ц!

  35. liliana moshenets says

    Из мертвых делать живыми!!!!

  36. liliana moshenets says

    Зачем? Для кого? Дебелизм! Шизофрения?!

  37. liliana moshenets says

    Какие то штативы ставить. Чтобы ,держались! Ужас! Зачем? ОК, в гробике. Но не делать так вроде живой, младенец, дитя!

  38. liliana moshenets says

    Да, еще делать так, вроде живые! Кошмар! Дебилы

  39. liliana moshenets says

    Это жутко!!!

  40. liliana moshenets says

    Вообще нельзя дома хранить фото умершего в гробу!!!

  41. liliana moshenets says

    Жутко смотреть! На детей! Зачем это надо было делать! Как вроде живые! Ужас!

  42. ms slsm says

    All these are not dead at all

  43. Ксю -Ксюшенька says

    0:15,5:25,5:39-такие красивые,как куклы.

  44. Vanessa ButtuhFly says

    The girl in the thumbnail seems..
    .a bit fresh. Some children were pictured while sleeping,due to their skwermy- wormy nature

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