The look that hooked Meghan’s dad: the high school photos of Doria with ‘sweet eyes and afro’

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This is Meghan Markle’s mother as a teenager with captivating looks, seen in an enchanting photo published for the first time here today. Who could be Prince Harry’s mother-in-law showing the ‘sweet eyes and afro’ that Miss Markle thinks made her father fall for her.

  1. Grace Bertrand says


  2. Truth Hurts says

    I hope their kids look JUST like Doria. ☺️

  3. Li Coffelt says

    Doria looked horrible .the hair

  4. jevon walcott says

    So sorry for the issues facing her parents presently, they look so great as a young couple, nice pictures on the background of the duchess's parents.

  5. Marguerite Zym says

    As we can see ….anything is possible !!!! Blacks ,whites…It does not matter what is your background we all want to be loved. Sometimes love doesn't last and as many of us know that to fall in love it's easy …. but to love it is a different pair of shoes.
    Harry and Meghan are in love and I'm happy for them.

  6. I Spy says

    To be honest… the white guy is very unattractive…most black women would not be attractive to his kind…..going bald too!

  7. Greeneyed Gemini says


  8. Carolyn Howell says

    If Meghan Markle's mother was white people would still find fault

  9. Gisele F says


  10. hourilo frederick says

    To say that the dad would be attracted to the mom because of her Afro hairstyle is pathetic to me. Although i like nappy hair i always hated the hideous Afros of the '70s and still do and i don't know anyone back then that liked it.

  11. Dusty Grady says

    Hey Meghan, that's your Black Momma!!

  12. Dusty Grady says

    Damn, that afro made her look like some dude named Leroy.
    Bitch looks like she was part of Sly and the Family Stone

  13. Angie's Doing It says

    That fro is everything.

  14. Charlotte carlos says

    Wow, that beautiful Afro! Bring back the Afro please!

  15. Ax Martel says

    And her parents never married.

  16. Ax Martel says

    Her mother looks like a male.

  17. Mary Sanchez says

    I'd like to see what that dinner table would look like

  18. Maryann Davey says

    I had a fro too!

  19. Joycelyn Younge says

    Meghan comes from well educated and establish family.

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