How to Photo Transfer Art DIY

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  1. Cherry Berry says

    Where can I purchase the Hoodie photo transfer. I need that for my studio.

  2. Artūrs Serafims Vītiņš says

    me like to use real wood boards – smooth them out with 200 grit, wet them and after drying smooth again with 400, then just use regular pva glue. and you will end up with a picture where the wood grain shows. – really nice.

  3. Yaksi Tapia says

    can i have your skillshare channel ? i would love to follow you

  4. A BL says

    I love your videos! very helpfull, im improving, but damn it takes time. can i show you when im done? 🙂

  5. Alia Khan says

    Robin and that woman look so alike.

  6. Adriana lopez says

    hola me encanta todo lo que haces y tu buen humor!genia total!

  7. Wazza Dudes says

    You should open up a merch website. I would buy everything on it lol. I love ur artwork!

  8. Pisanu says


  9. HumanFox030 says

    the emoji movie trailer showed up as an ad before this video
    in theaTERS T O D A Y

  10. Leah Allen says

    Great demonstration and time saver on using a heat lamp. Do you believe that's cheating too much to paint over–even if we take the photo ourselves?

  11. Safwan Al7omsy says

    scheisse Mütze

  12. summertimesadness says

    Whats the Song called on 2:00? Can't remember the Name!!

  13. Cedrickthegamer says

    what kind of printer do you use? dye? or laser? or pigment?

  14. Coraline Jones says

    Do you have to use that special panel or can you use other materials to transfer on?

  15. Kitty kat says

    then how do u add th face

  16. Rae 1347 says

    She is Hoodie, she is grace
    she'll soon take over then human race

  17. Dinyong N says


  18. Bill Shaver says

    Get Hoodie a white sweater and then splatter random colours on it who agrees?

  19. Ok I have been watching you for a while and I have come to the conclusion that you should have at least 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 subscribers.

  20. Rebekah Thomas says

    You deserve so many more subscribers,I love your artwork,you're also very pretty

  21. ReOwnedSun says

    YES I need paintings of Hoodie around my house

  22. Brighid Cleary says

    This is just what I needed, thanks!

  23. Kylee Draws says

    Yay more vids ( extremely happy about it ) …… have you thought of a name for your subscribers, and would you think about putting that into your video to think/ choose a name …………. I have a good idea for one !!!!

  24. Bothayna Ajmi says

    hoodie is cute hooodie is so cute

  25. Cotton Candy Tory says

    what i dont like about skillshare, is that we get the free trial, but i dont want to have to put in my credit card info, only to most likely be charged for it when the trial is over

  26. LUCRE says

    Hoodie is love, hoodie is life.

  27. KC says

    Thanks so much for the skillshare promo, I've taken 2 classes already and they've been really great quality 🙂

  28. Chalupa Batman McArthur says

    Love your dance moves! Keep it up!

  29. Erica Wood says

    i honestly wasnt expecting hoodie to do that:')


    I love your videos so much😍 Hoodie is so hilarious and your vids are really helpful and awesome and inspire me to improve my art skills🖌🖌 THANK YOU 😆😆

  31. animosity IV says

    Sorry I'm late! XD Thanks for the new video, Robin!! Love you! <3

  32. jerzeyzgirl03 says

    Love this so much!!! please do more videos like these thanks Robin

  33. Galaxy Blankets says

    when i saw you posted a new video i legit started to tear up XD. thats a good thing! don't get me wrong 😀

  34. ItsJuan says

    who was the first doing it? John what?

  35. marium ahmad says

    i have a questionnn can somebody explain to me how gesso and acrylic work the same way as a primer?

  36. Daniella Varela says

    can i use gouache paint to prime and to put on the picture

  37. lettuce chan says

    MORE SUBS FOR YOU!!! lol…

  38. Minseo 8 says

    I see hoodie has changed up their look.. Stylish!

  39. Tsu Tsu says

    What can you use instead of MDF board?

  40. cyancia says

    Heyyy of learned about the girl with the pearl earring today in art 😛

  41. Candy_312 says

    Hoodie looks bomb in that new outfit! XD

  42. calonstanni says

    I've never heard of Skill share. Thanks!

  43. Drawing with Noel says

    Hey , (•_•)
    <) )- check out my cool drawing videos…..I am sure you will like it
    / >

  44. Sabrina Vandelli says

    grazie mille…😉

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