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In this video I decided to break out some of the images I’ve been working on over the past few weeks and dissect the thought process behind creating them. There are discussions including the BTS setups and the flash positions used for creating more complex shots. The majority of the discussion is on the thought process behind capturing images, discussing how I use the story or mission of the photograph to guide my selection of colors, modifiers, backgrounds, and equipment. I hope that this can be useful on multiple layers for those capturing their own projects.

  1. Jason Elmore says

    Keep making these BTS videos. They are really helpful

  2. joe s says

    Thank u. Very helpful.

  3. Tristan says

    Do you have a pre amp for your mic? Because it sounds like it is being under-powered causing it to hiss. That mic should be crystal clear with nice bass tones and background separation. Might wanna take a look at that.

  4. Carl S. says

    This was great. So much more interesting and helpful than gear reviews. Cheers.

  5. theroyalmob says

    Great images!

  6. Meher Kourouyan says

    Thanks for this video. Your trails and mentality for these types of photos really help put things into perspective and get us thinking about how to approach a similar situation or even one where you don’t have too much time to set up and make adjustments.

  7. Isaac Insoll says

    This is awesome. Please make more of these ❤️

  8. Doug Sutheimer says

    Great video as always

  9. Peter Wang says

    Love these kind of video! Please make more

  10. Michael Nylif says

    Good Video!

  11. Jon Photo says

    Great job! Thanks! Yeah, the not-so-bright very center of the circle cast by the Impact Fresnel lens is a "feature" of that lens — regardless of the strobe (or hot light) it's used with. Keep up the great work!

  12. David Livingston says

    Great video Robert. I feel this type of discussion really helps me. I've just started with lights and while I can usually guess the setup by studying a photo, hearing your rational for the choice of lighting was great. Well done!

  13. Barry Donald says

    Nice BTS video!

  14. Auxam Zional says

    Hey there’s is a annoying hiss when u turn up the volume

  15. Terrence Chambers says

    This was incredibly helpful. Thank you.

  16. David Freedman says

    Excellent video, Robert! Another vote for more of these. BTS videos are hugely valuable. But, don't forget to update us about the status of the Godox round headed Profoto-like flash.

  17. Nyakeh Charley says

    I always love your videos!!

  18. Prolay Terryat says

    Hey Robert, you may want to check the Impact Fresnel head against a seamless since the beauty dish covered up the upper edge in this BTS vid. But I think what you are seeing is the AD600Pro flash tube, horseshoe shape. I wonder is another piece of diffusion on the front of the flash dome would fix this?

  19. Charles McGuire says

    Nice video. As much info as possible on the lightning setup would help us. Distance to subject, height of the lights, and angle offset from you as well as vertically. Thanks Robert.

  20. wixom2 says

    Great video. Really makes me think about how to use gels. The early part where you put a CTB on the key in order to make the orange stand out by choice of WB was a wakeup for me. More like these please.

  21. the photographer says

    Its so helpfull plz make more videos like this

  22. Steven Muncy says

    Nice breakdown. Thanks.

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