How Lighting Can Change Your Photography Forever.

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Today we take a look at How Professional Lighting Will Change Your Photography Forever… feat Freaking MICHAEL MULLER!
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Shot on a Canon 1dx mark ii
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  1. sawyerhartman says

    Question Of The Day: Who is your favorite photographer, and what kind of photos do they shoot??

  2. Jiggy Jilli says

    I think this video was ok. However, you seemed to have hoarded the knowledge. Four hours and all we got was YOU TALKING for 3/4s of the video. Not cool.

  3. jairo navarro araya says

    Hardmurdog pero mejorado

  4. nhatlq says

    Hi Sawyer, Thanks for this very cool video. As you said in video, you have lot of time filming with him, could you please upload more videos during of Michael's photoshoots BTS ? Love to see more Michael's works and his sharing informations and experiences ! Thanks and appreciate !

  5. Ashmit dey says

    Just look at that face..What kind of model did you guys hired

  6. CryptoJack says

    Wow that guy is a freaking legend! Great video bro!

  7. b1blazin13 says

    Video: How i meet this super cool guy and dont really share what he taught me. Thanks for a being spoiled hipster.

  8. Louis Otto says

    If anyone's inspired by this video, look up Joe McNally. That dude works magic with light.

  9. Laura Dee says

    Ok, but what's a good glass to buy? What was he using to take your photos?

  10. Benjamin says

    Damn this is only inspiring to you… We want the whole video please!

  11. JustVape Br says

    Great video dude, but where can I watch the Interview???

  12. Taa Dixon says

    I'm on day one of researching lighting for a new studio I'm setting up this summer. This video was so helpful! THANKS!!!

  13. EasterBunny590 says

    awesome video man, what a great experience you had

  14. Phil oo says

    Just here to disslike cause of the rly bad thumbnail

  15. Western Adventures says

    it probably helps that hes shooting with a 40,000 dollar camera but whatever

  16. Marcin J says

    What is the brand of the folding flag used in your video? Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks in advance.

  17. Tim Arnold says

    Very nice. Thank you

  18. emvlogz says

    When a YouTube photographer meets a real photographer.

  19. Damage Dat says

    Inspirational as well as informative. Good work bro.

  20. Stéphane Boucaud says

    Very very insightful! Thank you very much!

  21. Carmen George Weddings says

    I wish there was less sales talk and more just letting this photographer talk. He seems to know a ton of tricks.

  22. John Bivins says

    fantastic and freaking inspiring thank you such a well-done video. Love the passion for art bro !!!!!

  23. Reuben Zuazua says

    If I had a Phase One my pictures would look better too

  24. Life in Glow Wellness says

    Great episode! made me miss photography 😉 even though I was always sort of avoiding complex set-ups shooting mostly with modifying available lighting. without having a car also it was not easy to go wild there )))

  25. Nation First says

    Is he using medium format camera

  26. OMGAurora says

    What are those black side drops he’s using called on the first set of portrait shots

  27. Tomoko in 4k says

    All my pictures come out dark and yellow

  28. Jesse Wanderss says

    Mike the OG thanks for the legit tut

  29. joshua james says

    What camera was he using? 😯

  30. Zombie Rofl says

    Man walks around with a Phase one, like its a D5200.

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