Photoshop Manipulation | Human Interest | Dramatic Photo Art [SpeedArt]

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Thanks for watching.

  1. Andhika Zanuar says


  2. Ernesto Esquerra says

    awesome 👍

  3. ramianouar meziani says

    amazing work !

  4. Yacine DELL says

    this is the best work i ever seen .. i didn't see much but i can't believe there is better than you

  5. Alfi Plented says

    josss gandos bang,tapi pelanin dikitlah bhha

  6. Dũng says

    địt cụ mày

  7. Mayuresh Kulkarni says

    good videos bro

  8. C CCC says

    Wow… This is incredible

  9. مدونة العبقري says

    please slowly show !

  10. asif editing says

    nice bro

  11. Fadlan Alan says

    cepet beneeerrrr…. jd akitttt kepala……

  12. Bishwa Designs says

    which screen recorder do you used bro??? I used Camstudio but its output video size is to big like 120-120 mb for 4-5 minutes recording!!!

  13. Andhika Zanuar says


  14. Morning Sky says

    cpet bner om jadi ngga keliatan item item yg dipakenya wkwkwk


    what a nice job… thank you bro for sharing all the steps with as it's helpful … all the best

  16. fransiskus Anan says

    terlalu cepat bung…karya anda bagus sekali..tolong dialmbatkan dikit lah..peace

  17. sunny singh says


  18. Sheila Bremaud says

    Way to fast for me to follow

  19. fauzan irfandy says

    keren nih video2nya.
    subscribe ah

  20. Kwak Min Jun says

    untuk tutorial yang lebih baik, tolong jangan terlalu cepat, karena banyak bagian yang tidak terlihat .. dan bingung harus bagaimana.
    terima kasih

  21. MAHARDIKA says


  22. bayu satriya says

    sadiss benerr skillnya hahaha '

  23. Matúš Kumi says

    What name is brush when you use in 5:51min ? Thanks ! 🙂 Nice tutorial

  24. Rakha Agung says

    Ga kurang cepet ya mas videonya? Kalau bisa kasih step by stepnya juga. Thanks

  25. Jago Lukáš says

    awesome work!!

  26. Sunshine says

    Too fast to follow and no verbal commentary on top of that….a bit disappointing.

  27. Ripon Creation says


  28. Ripon Creation says

    get creative photoshop tutorial here.

  29. Izzad Murad says

    very good idea man :))))

  30. DANG KHANH NHU Dang says

    Thanks You

  31. glugong lon says

    terlalu cepat…

  32. Nadeem Abbas says

    is very fast making video no anybody understand

  33. The Wraith says

    Beautiful workk

  34. Basil Gan says

    A photo can tell a thousand words, half of those are the editor's hardworking manipulation. I mean it in a good way, the photo became unique and stands out specially with a message.

  35. min htat says

    It's too fast to learn for me. Could you please clearly teach step by step? If you don't want to indicate voice, you should shown us clearly what you did every step? I'm your fan. Thanks for consider my suggestion:-)

  36. Robin Red says

    good idea

  37. A Double says

    can u slowly explain how to perfectly use pen tool?

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