10 PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS NO ONE ELSE WILL TELL YOU | 50mm natural light outdoor session

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four locations + ten innovative portrait photography tips you probably haven’t heard of! follow along on one of my weekend photo shoots and learn a few tricks of the trade.


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  1. Jessica Whitaker says

    thank you everyone for watching + subscribing! as a gift from me to you, i created a FREE lightroom preset. 📷 click here to download "clementine", a peaches and cream filter for your photographs 🍊

  2. doctorocpus says

    …and what happenned to the rule nr.1; never touch the model???

  3. Moh Hong Yee says

    watching it half way through and i was like… where is ur 10 tips…. im lost… ok gonna say goodbye XD

  4. Moyd Wathiqi says

    Oh can I have your genetics cuz you're so beautiful. Lol that was fun.

  5. Miloš Grujić says

    U should use those small rainy water ponds and make awesome reflection shots with low angle close to the ground.

  6. Liam Anderson says

    where have you been for my life 😛

  7. Christopher Jordan says

    “ God gave us different faces , so God gave us different angles “ I’m subscribing just because that made m smile lol

  8. Nick Weiss says

    That’s a crap ton of good info, thanks!

  9. Rodrigo Martinez Luna says

    Is this a young Betsy Brandt?

  10. Vivian Sanchez says

    Just like to say as a photographer myself. There is nothing wrong with taking straight photographs.

  11. Nhe ry says


  12. FAT HEROBRINE says

    U talk like a hooker

  13. FAT HEROBRINE says

    Make her strip show her tits

  14. iRonicCrafter says

    Use the prism with a CD


    i have the feeling that this video was about you , not about photography 🙂 it`s obvious that you are quite new to photography : from the way you hold the camera to the settings , try the aperture priority and open up the lens : more light and better out of focus background

  16. Giovanni csc says

    wthf amercicans stop talking like that!

  17. Barbara Wilson says

    I love your video but i am having a difficult time hearing you in them. is there anyway for your camera person to get in closer or find a way that your voice is not muffled over the surrounding noise traffic.

  18. baseborn kids says

    Watching this video suddenly gives me the urge to say "OMG" "LOL" "SMH" "LMAO"

  19. Top Kek says

    Shit lemme find a prism somewhere

  20. Top Kek says

    With Sony I can put my camera even higher and still see properly 😉

  21. Geeky Viky Russian says

    hi, thank u for the video, was very useful!

  22. Sewa Panag says

    First only hold the edges or it will get ruined

  23. Jesse Nordwall says

    Great tips! You explained it in a way that was really easy to digest. Thanks! 🙂

  24. Sami Silveri says

    Your model yawns, it's hilarious 😀 Great video once again!

  25. River C. says

    Can you put more photos on the screen that you took, so we can see some examples?

  26. Cookie Bite says

    im still wait the HOW TO your just bla bla bla bla bla click click clik the whole videos and not teaching how to setup the camera what angles to look for.ETC

  27. Karen Harriman says

    Amazing tips! I want to get a prism now

  28. sukhi braich says

    You are so cute. I like your video.

  29. Lydia is uncool says

    Usually if you have more light around you and coming into your camera lens, it helps to get that rainbow affect from the prism. For example if you have a model outside in a more sunny setting, if you angle yourself so that the light is entering your camera lens as well as being flattering to your model, and through this it helps create that beautiful rainbow, the key is the more light, the more the prism will work, because the prism needs light so that it can disperse it to create that rainbow affect that you’re looking for🤙🏻

  30. Ivan R says

    Your audio sounds REALLY low. Get a better microphone or raise the recording level. Good video though

  31. I shoot Nikon says

    I mean I just hear the camera just click click click click click click click click like she's snapping 40 pictures of each pose one of them is bound to be good..

    Where is the skill and the art when you take 60 shots of each pose I don't get it.

  32. Leigh Ann says

    Thanks Jessica I subscribed to your channel. This is a very helpful video. I was curious are you shooting single shot or continuous?

  33. Luke Parker says

    Great photos and thanks for the tips!

  34. Doesn’t Matter says

    The image of her that advertises the video is an absolutely awful image of her. It makes her look like she doesn’t have a jawline.

  35. Denisse Mitchell says

    As soon as you said God I clicked subscribe

  36. Junior Hessing says

    it I love this video Guys, particularly the ideas in the second half concerning becoming a professional photographer
    . A product I also found helpfull for taking digital photos was Elumpa Fantastic Photo Alchemist – it should be on google if you need

  37. SmileItsConta9ious ! says

    Great tips!

  38. Jay Solo says

    What if they shorter though?

  39. Felix Wolf says


  40. Afnan Studio says

    "beautiful model" damn i thought you are talking about u 😉

  41. shawna shartzer says

    what the thing attached to the bottom of the camera

  42. Swapneel Deo says

    You are really cute😊… especially your voice ♥️

  43. Travel with Shama says

    Good video, i really loved the idea of standing a little higher from your subject

  44. Salad Volcano says

    She looks like German Eurovision winner Lena

  45. kayla peters says

    Wonderful tutorial 😊🙏🏽

  46. Zach Draper says


  47. yo deawg says

    What mode and settings u shoot for full body nd the mode nd settings for da 2nd to last tip

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