Easy Tips for Posing a Bride: Breathe Your Passion with Vanessa Joy

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Watch this episode to learn a few must-have techniques for posing brides to make them look slender, natural and gorgeous. Vanessa Joy poses New Orleans Wedding Photographer Catherine Guidy in this week’s show to show quick and fun ways to create beautiful pictures.

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  1. Mohammad Irshad says


  2. Debs W says

    Thanks, very informative!

  3. Peach Vegas says

    These are always helpful. When I first started it would throw me off for a second when they'd ask "what should I do?"

  4. Nikki says

    Does anyone know what the dress is brand or style wise?

  5. Gilbert Atienza says

    Your shots are great ,may i ask the lens you used for the shoot?thanks

  6. Diane Tellez says

    Wow beautiful photographs and that movement is amazing I love it

  7. Alejandra Molina says

    My music

  8. Suzy Valentin Realtor says

    Great Video & Tips! We're Getting Married in October!

  9. graffix21 says

    Nice posing but the background and dirty pavement isn't cool.

  10. Brian Budd says

    well done, easy to follow video. looking forward to more posing tips.

  11. Daniel Prembäck says

    Great video. Very informative and hands-on. How could 10 people dislike this?

  12. Charlotte Sabah says

    2:15 … iso 400 ? 1/800 ?? lol

  13. David Alvarado says

    The whole not selling anything for the Jewish holiday Passover sucksssss!!! Patiently waiting for my orderrrrrr

  14. Guilkdp says

    1/125 shutter speed would've granted better results creating that motion, plus you get to lower your iso, thus adding more quality to the photo. Great poses btw

  15. Kev-RaTzo says

    The Live View exposure tip is a good one.

  16. Star Muhammad says

    Great tips!

  17. MicroWare1 says

    1:58 How are you getting proper exposure in Live view? Are you just using LV as a monitor and adjusting your settings until the exposure looks good on the screen?

    If this is the case, i assume it would be similar to taking a couple test shots, but with LV you see the results in real time.

  18. Thaiming says

    Great Episode

  19. Rick Mentore says

    You made it look easy. Tanks

  20. Lu Asare says

    I enjoyed the tips, may you please do more of the posings tips. I am glad I follow this channel. I have learnt alot.
    Thank you

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