Chris Amos Photography // Sample Wedding Album

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Chris Amos Photography // Sample Wedding Album
Photos by Chris Amos, from 2011 Weddings.

I want you to come away with an album that will last for a really long time. Let’s just say a few lifetimes…without fading, falling apart, or crumbling into dust. I don’t think that’s too much to ask! When researching albums to give to my wedding clients, I came upon GraphiStudio, some of the most elegant and well-made albums in the industry. These albums are handmade in Italy by Italian men and women who sing opera while they print and bind them in a castle. Each wedding book is created to last for many generations, preserving the photography while retaining its shape and colors. The exclusive internationally patented binding guarantees life long durability and allows the pages in the book to lay perfectly flat, without a crease.

“Prelude in C” (BWV 846) by J.S. Bach, licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0”
Performed by Kevin MacLeod

  1. Ro says

    this Beautiful, but this LOGO in first page…this over…🙄😓😓😓

  2. Giorgio Encinas says


  3. Eleanor Goldsmith says

    Which graphistudio product is it?

  4. muy bueno!


    Mr Amos thank you for this share, this is by the far the best album ive seen so far
    and they way you presented this, I hope they're paying you a small commission because you just sold me on it 🙂

  6. ChrisAmosPhotography says

    Thanks! The album is printed with graphistudio.

  7. Charlotte Killen says

    this is so pretty 

  8. Mark Chamberlin says

    This is really nicely produced album, Gorgeous shots, Chris. Who is the printer?

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