How to Shoot a Wedding Ceremony

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  1. Wedding Film School says

    Wedding filmmaking kit (Sony A7Sii) –

  2. funbunontherun says

    Are you filming in 4K? How do you deal with camera overheating? Especially outdoor weddings. I shoot on the Sony a6500 and Sony a7iii. Thanks! Helpful video!!

  3. fatboy_naz says

    Title was misleading

  4. Black Music Record Prod says

    thanks so much this video is SO helpful thank for your sharing 🙂 , in have questions , how many camera you use to shoot a Wedding Ceremony?

  5. Lythal Mind says

    my boy out here calling plays like he's a coach lol. great video bro

  6. Viktoras Tauta says

    thanks a lot!

  7. VIDEO&MUSICEditor says

    So monopod is to shoot it your solo?

  8. Art Film says

    Great video. Very informative

  9. house of beasts says

    Ur like the john madden of wedding video..

  10. VIDEO&MUSICEditor says

    great wedding tip for ceremony shooting. I been doing wedding video shoot for a long time but been using 1 camera. Now i have 3 camera and was looking for how to shoot with more than 1 camera so your video tip shows me enough. thank you!

  11. Camorga II says

    rly rly helpful , your videos / behind the scene looks amazing too ,… thank you

  12. Buck Bowen says

    The solo tips were really helpful. Thank you!

  13. Peter Pav says

    Can I double like it? It's so helpful! Thanks!

  14. Stephen3065 roberts says

    Thanks for the help really appreciate it keep doing what u do bro

  15. arfanterra24 satir says

    i fan from indonesia , i hope your video translate indonesian language, because many fan from indonesia .thanks 😊

  16. Predator Productionz says

    I personally do not like to do weddings but I get asked constantly bcuz I know its a common thing like grad pics.

  17. Tofu San says

    Thank you for the great info! My situation is usually this: I'm the primary shooter (volunteering at a friend's wedding) and I would enlist two more helpers. The helpers can do simple tasks such as manning stationary cameras and doing limited recomposing and making sure the footage continues to roll. I wouldn't count on them for running around doing slider or gimbal shots. I would probably have to modify your 3-person-team scenario and combine it with elements from 1- or 2-person-team. Do you have any suggestions or tips?

  18. DjIncontenible Mari says

    I have to say you are awesome for talking about your mistakes, it take a lot to do so! More power to you! I just started watching your videos, I have learn a lot from you and I enjoy them a lot! Thanks for taking your time to make them!
    P.S. I love your personality!

  19. Maci Smith says


  20. kudzayi chimbodza says

    This is so informative. Thanks . Now to put this wealth of knowledge to practise.

  21. Charles Miner says

    I'm shooting my first wedding soon and i will be doing it solo. Also i only have 1 camera. I believe i can get all the necessary shots but can you or anyone here tell me if an additional camera on a tripod a must??

  22. The Can of Nothing says

    Thanks for outlining a solo shoot. I've shot a lot of weddings, but always with two shooters. I'll be doing my first solo one next year.

  23. xiang song says


  24. SN production says

    this is SO helpful thank you

  25. Amri Yahya says

    thanks, from indonesia!

  26. Rod Faircloth says

    Very helpful, Thank you! wish I stumbled upon this a couple days ago, shot my first wedding for a friend. Still turned out good, but I'm definitely coming back to this for reference!

    I think one thing I would add to this would be 2-way radios with earpieces so you can verbally communicate with multiple shooters, granted that you can pull it off. I'll try it out! haha Thank again.

  27. skyldn says

    Cheers dude. Great walk through. Really clear and helped me get my head around what I should be aiming for. 👍💪

  28. Vini says


  29. Joe Maldonado says

    I love your video and its very helpful.. thank you.

  30. Daniel Ayitevie says

    Awesome… My team and I are dissecting this video and making it work for our situation here in Ghana. Weddings can get quite chaotic here, especially with "cellphone shooters" boldly walking up to block your view and crowd the stage/front…. And they wont leave whether ask them nicely or forcibly. They are sometimes very close relatives of the couple. Siblings, aunties and even parents… But I am glad at least we can learn from the positioning and lens selections at every point.

  31. StrangeMagicFilmCo says

    I've been out of the wedding scene since the early 80's, when I shot stills on film. But I've just been picked up by a still photographer as his second shooter for video and have my first wedding in two days.

    I needed to get my head back in the game and be prepared for every possible scenario as a single shooter. I've gotten so much out of your channel this past week. You've helped fill in so many gaps and provided immeasurable knowledge and inspiration for me. I felt compelled to write and thank you for it. I've subbed you on my other channel, which I check more frequently. Many thanks and best regards. 🙂

  32. Melvin Washington says

    This is really helpful. Thank you!

  33. Carson Hyland says

    Best wedding tip video I have seen! AWESOME!!!!

  34. says

    This video is super-helpful for me especially as a solo shoot for friend's wedding at church this week. I realize there will be a lot of running around.

  35. Edmer Guanlao says

    thanks man this is what im looking for, I'll be starting to shoot wedding films soon

  36. Euporia Knight says

    This information is great. I have been shooting weddings for awhile but I work with a photographer that has his own video and photography co. but I shoot the weddings. I always find out things at the last minute an hour before the wedding. Sometimes the setup is so odd and the bride and grooms backs are facing the crowd. I normally do over the shoulder shot from the officiant and hop back and forth. What would you recommend in that situation or tight spaces odd setups?  Somehow I make it work but it could be better.

  37. Joshua Ray Farmer says

    Great info my man. I'll be shooting my first wedding solo on a few weeks . And using two cameras. I'm hoping to get a second shooter but for now ill be running in the 100 degree sun solo. Your videos help me tremendously. Thank you

  38. Zeruj Stiglitz says

    My first t shoot for wedding is on next week June 7. GOODLUCK TO ME.

  39. Elixx says

    this video is great, thanks
    Kraig. I am going to use your tips this weekend

  40. Dareck Crane says

    Dope Dope Dope, thanks for your insight! appreciate!

  41. Everything Athletic says

    Thank you so much! I'm filming my first wedding this Saturday…solo…so it will be quite the task, but I think with your solo strategy, I will be able to get the shots I need!

  42. Jeff Balbalosa Photography says

    I never get wrong when I subscribed to this channel. thanks for this video, it's really helpful!

  43. darkevilfairy says

    thank you for this video 🙂

  44. AmeriJam Acres says

    One question. how do you get sound? I've seen a lot of guys say they mix the groom and the preacher but getting a mic on the bride is another story. how do you make sure you can get everything said by the bride? I'm doing my first and probably my only wedding next month for my niece and even though I have no real plans on doing weddings regularly I do want this one to turn out great. I do think the experience will be helpful with my YouTube channel which is my main focus. in fact the only reason I'm doing this at all is because she saw what I'm doing on YouTube and asked if I would do something for her. apparently she likes the things I'm doing on my channel.

  45. hernanberro says

    Great work Kraig explaining all the situations you run into as a solo and as a team shooters. Only practice and experience make this process easier.

  46. Johannes Feltkamp says

    Very helpful, tank you! I'm shooting solo a friends wedding in a couple of weeks!

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