DigitalFoto DH04 Dual Spring Handle for gimbals

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Many single user gimbals wishes to get a dual handle that also helps with the z-axis (when you walk the up and down movement – if you don’t know how to walk right).

This product helps reduce the jitters and makes it 30% better.

We took it out of the box and did a quick test, a more indepth review coming later.

DIgitalFoto DH04 Dual Spring Handle
Panasonic GH5 10bit, HLG
Meike 25mm T2.2
Feelworld Master MA5
Moza AIr 2 gimbal
Hollyland Tech Mars 300 wireless hdmi transmitter kit

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  1. Anka Hobi says

    I already have this item. I cant say that it is totally useless but without using 4th axis looks like same result. My opinion is manufacturer has to share a video how to make the tension of springs.

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