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We’re looking at how to take photos at night – tips to help improve your night time photography game. Edited these photos with my Lightroom PRESET PACK: // The Music I use: – AMAZING for YouTubers

Cheap Tripod That Works :
Expensive Tripod :


Colour Graded with my PM LUTS Pack :

My Super Awesome Tactical Camera Bag :
My MAIN Camera –
The Vlog Cam :
My Second Backup Camera –
My FAVOURITE Lens Ever –
The Lens I am currently using right for EVERYTHING –
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Best gimbal ever :
The Mic I use –
The Boom Mic I use for Crispy Audio :
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The stabilizer I use with iPhone :
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The BEST monopod –
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  1. Peter McKinnon says

    Ya'll have been asking about night photography for a while! Hope some of these tips help! That water bottle tip though- Wooooo!!! Pumped on that!

  2. siddhartha roy says


  3. MrSquirtle229 says

    Which lens did you use?

  4. Ad-LibbyTV says

    Thank you.

  5. keegan w says

    Found this very helpful cheers dude

  6. DEEDATDAT says

    I’m super visual and this did not help

  7. MT Hayes says

    Nighttime and nightclub photography are my favs. There is nothing quite as colourful and magical as night. @marieofnorway

  8. Jee Hunzai says

    Will you mind to let me know kinda scholarships for photography in USA or elsewhere

  9. R4ND1K3 F1 says

    I am a beginner…….Support me…..I'm watching u

  10. SicKMoTioNz says

    I love night photography 😍 now I’m saving up for a camera right now and I’m thinking about getting a Canon rebel T7i

  11. Whatever says

    We have very different definitions of cheep…

  12. Elias Ayala says

    Amazing video! Which lenses did you use for the night photo shoots in this video???

  13. Blackpanda official says

    Can u show setting for night shoot…i use canon 1000d but i dont know how to setting at night…

  14. Mohd Hack says

    With the new camera no need to have remote only control with mobile app

  15. Raynard Griffin says

    I am a chef and I have been binge watching your channel I went out bought the Canon t7i. Dope content keep them coming. I definitely want to try take what I learn from you and make a nice b roll video or a short film.

  16. lilfranc says

    What camera was he using

  17. Taylor AF says

    Someone on GuruShots named nbha202 is totally posting your pics as his, namely your skyline pic at 6 minutes on this video. I’d send you a screen shot but don’t know how. Just a heads up

  18. Aiden K. says

    You are really simple,like your style

  19. Raja Ghosh says

    Hi which lenses did you use for that 2 shot between 10:45 and 10:55 (when u mentioned about the LED light being used)?

    Please do mention the lens along with the camera, I mean full frame or APS-C.

    Your shots are great.

  20. Cyrus Monterola says

    Hi Peter! Just found your videos and I super love it! Thank you for sharing!

  21. Hero MAC says

    Very interesting stuff.. thx for sharing

  22. Demetrius B says

    Does anyone know how to create intro videos like this? if so can u direct me?

  23. Wesley Caspillo says

    What tripod was the one you were holding up in the video!?

  24. Ese Esteban says

    Hey bro what camera, lens and effects were used for the video. For both the night time shots and I your house? Thanks.

  25. Re P says

    thanks, very interesting

  26. Go8997 says

    NIKON D3500 show some love!

  27. Alex Bordes says

    “The city quiets itself. Its just you and your camera” I love that he said that.

  28. Tammy Michele Art says

    I love night photography, I did a mini series at midnight on an old playground and just used an old torch to run all over the equipment creating trails. Like a ghost was playing or something. Super fun and your video reminds me that I need to get out there and do it again.

  29. Mikel Gorostiza says

    6:47, water break.

  30. Ville Kuittinen says

    I like to take pics at night and just play with lights 😅 my best pics are taken in dark 😅

  31. Letícia Devens says

    I just took a photo at this exactly place, on a raining day, at the end of January! But yours look much better!

  32. AGuitarFingerstyle4U says

    Whats the song on the intro?

  33. M4RCO5PL017 says

    You won my subscription just with the intro 😂🤘🏼

  34. Rosko Records says

    Shooting photos…

    spongebob voice

    At nighttttttt

  35. Jerome Partosa says

    hi peter , i have a question, can i use a timer intead of remote ? thanks in advance .

  36. Secretcodrin says

    "we were shooting por…."

  37. Melanie McElhinney says

    Want some beautiful night photography prints for your home? Check out my husbands Etsy shop

  38. Mayank Kumar says

    If you dont have a remote button for your camera, you can also use the timer option. Set it it 3 to 4 second and then let it take the picture.👌

  39. Manu Media says

    Hi ,my name is from india.Will you make me a trainee?.plz.i have no professional camera,but I have huge fan of you and photography.can I assist you plz. +91 9809308424 is my mobile no

  40. Ruben Fugate says

    My favorite type of night shots I like to take are moon and fireworks.

  41. Rusu Raul says

    Since I found you on YouTube my sd card on my camera is full…so you own me one now 🙂

  42. bsk uns says

    interesting <3 <3

  43. Tintswalo mashabane says

    Bro just started watching your videos and I'm hooked on the creativity and it's like 3:55am here😂

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