Home Photo Studio Buildout

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This video shows most of the steps I took to create my Guest Room Home-Studio. Shows the the empty room at the beginning of the process and the progress along the way. I quit recording towards the end of the build and wish I had a timelapse of painting the finished construction with white paint. Oh well. Here’s a link to what it looked like all complete…

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  1. Joe Go says

    Beer and power tools so not go together!

  2. erec kurnia says

    Hi sir , can i know kind of material for wall you use?

  3. Ls Lx says

    So mr engineer were you coming up with small sized cyclorama? was hoping to watch the end product once you finished it but they cut off your video

  4. Stuart Fawcett says

    Super idea, but why the raised floor?

  5. Javed Ghafoor says

    Nice work, whats the total project cost?
    i'm planning to setup up some sort of studio for the furniture I sell.
    how big of space could you suggest i need for the cyclorama for my purchase (photography furniture such as beds, wardrobes, chests etc or would you suggest I  just a cotton/paper backdrop instead?

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