How To Shoot Family Portraits Outdoors – Behind the Scenes Photoshoot

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3 Tips on family portraits and photography sessions outdoors in natural light.

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This VIDEO was EDITED with Adobe Premiere on a Macbook.

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About this video:
In this video I 3 tips on how to go into photographing families. Following the tips, I do a behind the scenes session with an actual family I shot with commentary. I appreciate you checking out the video and I hope it helps in any way! Thank you!

  1. BamaBoynCali says

    this was nice

  2. Tiffy Hughes says

    I like ur backpage minion it cute! Where do u get that and is that for photography backpack?

  3. Ismael Rodriguez says

    Great tips… but i what really want to know is how much did you charge for this session. How many photos did you give them? PM me your answer! Please

  4. Ken Guidry says

    Ya know, I never would’ve thought to hit up Pinterest for ideas …awesome tip! (I also don’t really like posed stuff but whatever the client wants)

  5. tati a says

    This is exactly what I needed I'm doing my first family shoot soon

  6. moeblisss12 says

    Nothing but gems!!! I really appreciate this video

  7. JA_NPH says

    Got two questions, 1- what fstop were you shooting at? and 2- when on the swings what was your shutter speed, just curious.

  8. Memory Kitchen says

    Love these tips Omar – and they're totally useful no matter what kind of shoot you're doing. Super versatile and love your style on camera!

  9. Shalla Chotje says

    u talk too much

  10. Matt Barton says

    Great video! For these sorts of shoots, how high are you willing to go for ISO?

  11. Denise Kainrath says

    This was super helpful! Doing my first family photo shoot as a hobby photographer and this helped me feel less nervous!

  12. Sergio Ramos says

    Came across your video today and I'm glad I did! I'm doing my first family Photoshoot in a couple of weeks and this video is extremely helpful. I have the exact same set up, Sony A7rii with 55mm Zeiss f1.8 I'm thinking of using my Sony 24-70mm Zeiss as well. Thanks

  13. Phantom says

    Wow. Thank you so much!! New sub

  14. tommy bolton says

    great video and great tips and info, well done Omar

  15. Trina Gurule says

    Awesome video! Thank you!

  16. Rosa Olague says

    First time watching your videos – definitely helpful video & good tips 🙌🏼

  17. MotleyMaePhotography says

    Loved this video Very helpful!

  18. calm&chaos says

    What settings do you usually go for when shooting families?

  19. Mary Grebe says

    Love this video and helpful hints!

  20. crystal meza says

    Great job! just a quick question what aperture do you use for families to make sure they are all in focus?

  21. João Santos says

    Great tips! Thanks.

  22. Josie says

    I’m doing my first family shoot today, this was so helpful thank you!

  23. Mirra D says

    I check Pinterest too ❤️

  24. Dylan Rector says

    Thanks now I know how to shoot a family

  25. Food Cues says

    Shoot a family….so many meanings.

  26. Jim Costello says

    Thanks and what was your aperture setting

  27. Tom P says

    You just go on forever man. Please just get to the point. You can cut out so much of the fat from this video to make it just as informative and half the length.

  28. Tessie Barlow says

    Love this video and the pictures I wish I was that good

  29. Gee says

    I am new to photography. What general settings were you using? Great videos!

  30. John Kaddouri says

    Omar, I was hoping you could help me.
    Is there any one you could recommend that edits family photos?

  31. Ivan D says

    I see that the sun was behind them. did you use any reflector or fill light to brighten their faces? or just edit it on Photoshop/lightroom?

  32. I thought there was gonna be comments saying "im calling the police!"😂😂

  33. John Kaddouri says

    Nice job!

  34. Ve N says

    I am a fashion photographer and I am afraid of family shoots … because of the kids or babies x_x but I do find them cute I have 2 this month. Wish me luck.

  35. Danielle Robinson says

    Great video! What time of day do you think is best to shoot?

  36. Linda Bonskowski says

    Thanks for these great ideas. I was recently asked to photography my neighbor's family ……..something I'm terribly nervous about. This will be very helpful!!

  37. Luis Calvillo says

    Super cool!

  38. Rushing Love says

    Love this! Great advice.. I’m photographing my first family today!

  39. Mark My Words Review Channel says

    Very helpful

  40. A-muse says

    I just found this 18 months later but I found it very informative. I like to photograph families outdoors and get multiple different looks within a very small range of areas, so it sounds like we are similar on that. I thought your pictures came out really good. My favorites were with the yellow flowers in front of the house, and the mom on the rocks.

  41. Milli Stephania says

    great video

  42. captynrj says

    omg thaaaank youuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!

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