6 Tips for a Great Photo Walk

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This will be a great tutorial giving you lots of ideas for your next photo walk. I’ll be giving you 6 tips (and one controversial bonus tip!) to improve the variety of shots you can get. From what to look out for on the street to what equipment to use, these photo walk tips will help you get some excellent photography.

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  1. trevor wright says

    wonderful thank you so much cheers from trev

  2. Tariq Mansoor says

    Sorry Sir but Photography with PS is not photography.

  3. brandishwar says

    Was out on a photo walk earlier today. Not liking the results, but I'm also new. Just reviewing the shots to see where things went wrong. Not difficult finding issues, I can definitely say… Limiting your kit is definitely a good idea to avoid unnecessary weight. But depending on where you're going, make sure to keep options open. On that, I'd say to have only a prime if you're purely indoors, but always have a prime and a zoom for outdoor shots. And I say that based on my mistake today of not having a zoom lens. In part because I didn't think I'd need it…

    On the walk through the park – in my defense, my first time on that trail – I encountered a pond around which were a few geese, a heron (unusual for this area, let alone this time of year), and several deer. My prime lens (35mm DX) was useless on that aside from just taking a couple quick snaps so I can see what I obviously didn't anticipate. My 70-300mm zoom lens, though, would've been perfect to frame up the heron sitting on the bank (and even after it flew to the other side of the pond), and zooming in on the deer and geese.

    You miss 100% of the shots you don't take, but you also miss 100% of the shots you don't adequately prepare for. My next photo walk through a park, I'm making sure I have my zoom as well as my prime. And I'll probably sub out my 35mm DX prime for my 50mm FX prime. (Yes, FX lens on DX body. But no one makes a DX 50mm lens.)

  4. vinyl maverick says

    School of Photography advocating photoshopping ???

    Firstly the comments in the video give full justification to those who hark to the days of film photography and the true artists of photography and who in turn are readily dismissive of digital photography and who call digital photographers fraudsters.
    Secondly, a complete waste of money.
    Thirdly and more appropriate to this video, is why if photoshopping is perfectly acceptable to one of its tutors is there a School of Photography?

    Finally, why should I waste my time watching anymore of this guys and their videos?

  5. Missis Miggins says

    Imagine if you had waited a bit longer and managed to get the picture of the squirrel returning to the wste bin, climbing up the front and emptying all of his little green squirrel sized glass bottles into the recycling bin side.

    It would have been really funny to see a squirrel recycling glass bottles rather than being a nuiscance, it might be good enought for the squirrel to gain useful employment and become a useful mamber of our society rather than being vermin and a pest. It might teach people tostop killing them in horrendous ways and let them carry on with their recycling work unmolested.

    As for tip number 5 you say not to take loads of lenses and add ons with you and it will force you to be creative. I totally agree, in fact the last few times i went out on my own and never even took my camera. I found that taking a piece of toilet paper and a small pencil allowed me to become really creative, i ended up drawing pictures of the subjects instead of photographing them. I was going to post a few of my drawings here online but my tummy was poorly that day and i had to use my drawings towipe poo poo off my bottom. I have kept them at home though, and can show friends when they come visiting, they really have no idea that the brown hillside is poo poo.

  6. Akiyl 1/16 says

    I like this guy, seems very genuine. Thanks for the tips btw👍🏼🍻

  7. Toby Jugg says

    Sound tips Mark, its good to be reminded of the obvious – re photoshop/Lightroom I'm all for it because my photography is my art – a mix of the science of using a camera well, with the added bonus of being "artistic". I really enjoy what these programs offer as my "duff"photos now get a chance of a life of their own.. After all, I'm no pro and never will be, but I still enjoy the added artistic bonus – it makes me smile and thats good enough for me.

  8. Flower Bin says

    I love your sense of humor with the squirrel. In the USA they are thought of as cute. However, as I sit here listening to them chew on the walls of my cabin in the woods, I find that I am more in agreement with your viewpoint. I will slow down and be patient to wait for the story that can be told with the best shot. (Even if it was a squirrel).

  9. Helenio Barranco says

    Thank you Marc for the tips!!

  10. Taelth Halliday says

    He sounds like greg from sherlock

  11. Rosas Gonzales says

    Thanks for the great tips! Working with Photoshop is a creative skill too. I cannot dismiss its function. It's great to know how and when to use it. As a newbie, I try to capture my images diligently so I will have no reason to edit it later.

  12. Jay Mogollon says

    Photoshop is a tool. Painters use different tools, why not photographers? what is important is not to pretend to make believe that the photo has NOT been processed or retouched. Using software to modify photos is like using a filter, or a fish-eye lens. I think….Thank you for your videos!

  13. pastorbobncc says

    Awesome teaching my friend

  14. KBee795 says

    I'm from the film age and am a Printer by trade so we know PS. In the real world of NY studio shots or those for magazines, they manipulate the shots in PS! I'm more a purest but have come around to more of the art side of photography mind you not to the extent to be cloning in skies or changing dress colors but I do bump high lights and shadows, move saturation and sharpness but only a tad. Hell I even combine bracketed shots in HDR for night shots and if you haven't tried it you should. I don't use grad filters but take two shots and combine them from layers in PS. I've even taken a near focused shot and a half way in focused shot and combined them in layers so everything is in focus with landscape shots. If you shoot in RAW you have to adjust the flat files anyhow but you end up with more detail shooting in RAW and often can pull out more cloud detail. So it has become the norm to do these things. Beyond everything though, my journey has taught me more about dealing with light than anything. Take a shot at high noon in sunlight than another under the tree so the light has to cut through the leaves to you. The first shot is full of awful shadows and the other elegantly done. I say, learn to understand light and it's effects, the rest will come with practice (hard, golden, blue, cloudy light, in the sun, sun to your back). Mainly go out and shoot and learn. Understand what is good and not so appealing. By far, evening shots are the most fun. You see light changing, going from normal to golden to blue sky. Then you have night shots on the walk back. I find there is always something good to photograph. To get it all I carry a tripod, camera sling bag with my 35mm lens, a zoom of 16-85 and a 40mm Macro. This can do it all, but if this is too heavy for you with a sling bag, use a back pack but don't be limited. If I had to only go with a camera, it would be my Nikon D7500 and the 35mm. It's very sharp and at f1.8 can get any shot at ISO 100. Understand that digital photography has become a art. For some they change everything with LUTs (look up tables, to change the feel of the picture) and others are more purist who have to adjust the RAW shot to get a usable image but if done gently, it's a gift to photographers and should be embraced.

  15. Paul Jenkins says

    Thanks for your video. I can't say that I never use image correction (I use Gimp because I am a cheapskate!), but I limit it to cropping the occasional picture to cut out things like dustbins or to slightly rotate a picture with a crooked horizon. I feel uneasy about "painting in" things like clouds, or cloning things like sky to eliminate telephone wires and so on. I realise that others feel different about it, but for me I prefer images to come straight from the camera whenever I can…..

  16. David Kelsey says

    Photoshop is better than chucking an image and it just creates another category = "Art" photography. Its when someone photoshops all their images and calls it photography that irks me.
    If editing programs didn't exist we would be forced to try harder at getting the right image in the first place. That is why I also take a film camera. Every shot costs money, so you think twice before hitting the shutter = you try harder to get it right. Imagine if every time you fired the shutter on a digital camera it cost you???!!!! Yikes!

  17. Gary McClure says

    Think Ansel Adams did not manipulate images in his photoshop — (Darkroom)??

  18. Ravi Chandran says

    I don't understand the II point.

  19. Cheryl King says

    I've registered for my first worldwide photo walk and really found this video helpful. Thank you.

  20. agentaxe says

    You Know a photo is good when in photoshop you only change the contract or some other option only. Anyways, even your wedding photos will be photoshoped either way. So, why not use it? Of, course it's a thin line between reality and those filters /Luts in photoshop but it's your choise what you want to project. But, as you see here he used only the contract in the most pictures cause his pictures are already awesome!

  21. puluq emil says

    very inspiring! !!

  22. Ava Farrimond says

    Im getting a camera for christmas and im goin to new york in february and im so excited to use it

  23. George Shepherd says

    I enjoyed this video. I don't see anything wrong with enhancing photographs if it makes them nicer to look at.

  24. Koenraad De Roo says

    Love the tips… including the Photoshop tip. Can't tell you how often I've shot just skies, fields, empty streets, etc, with the sole purpose of using them later as elements in photoshopped compositions. GASP, I know, "not photography" blah blah… ok, photographic art then.
    Keep the good videos coming. Cheers.

  25. Revolutions88 says

    Am I the one who uses Adobe Lightroom??

  26. Saqib Rauf says

    i love the way of your teaching….. i want to joint your classes but visa issue


    Thank you

  28. Motasim Momin says

    Pleas give Lectuer on the Location not in the Studio .

  29. GD D says

    the only reason why i sub'd to this is because this dude looks like Mark Ruffalo. and i like the Hulk

  30. Sam Zhai says

    very important tips. thank you!

  31. Art Traveler says

    Photoshop,etc creates so many more creative opportunities…a big yes!

  32. Cantinatollo1 says

    I'm an old geezer, but I learned soooo much from this tutorial. Thank you. I must say, 15 years ago I would have said photo-shopping an image is NOT photography. However, today, I am all for photo-shopping. There are many times wherein I've taken a photograph of a beautiful landscape only to be disappointed by the image. The camera couldn't quite capture what my eye perceived. Either the contrast was not what I saw or the highlights were washed out. Photoshop came to the rescue and reintroduced what my eyes saw when I looked at the landscape. Thank you!

  33. Mike Clark says

    Look beyond the obvious…that’s my favorite. And sometimes there’s something really interesting going on in the background!

  34. Abby Louise Rexroth says

    These are great tips! I think anyone that's anti-digital enhancement (Photoshop) are snobs.

  35. Peter Osborne says

    Photoshop, is that a good photo by a good photographer or someone who is good on a computer not neccessary a good photographer.? Id rather be known as a good photographer. Good video though, thankyou.

  36. robert says

    Safety first, plz go with someone. Does that mean 100% safe? Nope, but that lowers the chances of bad things from happening.

  37. Marsha Mills says

    I love taking an iffy shot and being creative layers and textures and making it into something else entirely. Soft photos become an asset; odd compositions become more artsy. Sometimes it doesn't work at all but sometimes it's magic.

  38. williar1961 says

    Nice tips

  39. CC C says


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