Does Portrait Pro Work? – A Look at PortraitPro 15

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Portrait Pro (PortraitPro 15) is retouching software for portrait photography. I take a look at the trial version to see if portrait pro really works, and how well it works.

This is NOT an endorsement for this product and I am not being compensated for this review.


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  1. Old400 says

    Thanks, Ed………been wondering about that software, and you gave a fair and straightforward review,

  2. Robert L says

    Turn off the face sculpting controls to keep the model looking like themselves. This is the best software ever produced on the Earth

  3. tkarlmann says

    Great review! However EVERY single review of this program uses starting images who appear as if they were models. I do Weddings. I understand there is also a "Body Pro" program somewhere as well. My clients tell me: "Just make me look good!". Advice?

  4. somuchfun no says

    The reason why the second girl looked unnatural was because of the original lighting from the photo shoot. She has a Hard flash shadow which is unattractive and unappealing to begin with. If she was shot with a soft box instead of a hard camera flash it would of made a HUGE difference on what the program results would be. Another words she would look more natural instead of hard looking if she was shot correctly in the first place. You know the saying.. garage in, garage out no matter how much tweaking. This is so true when it comes to graphics, for example to what I mean is you just can’t turn a low res image into a quality high res image. The same goes for photography lighting. The lighting makes it or breaks it.

  5. Anaithum Tamil says

    cpac imaging pro tutorial & software upload pls

  6. Steve Marshall says

    Great review. It helped me a lot! Thanks!

  7. Jessica Griffiths says

    I am a new user of portrait pro . When I import the image to be worked on only half of the edited image is visible on screen. If I zoom out both images are fully visible only too small to see clearly. Would you mind telling me what you think I am doing wrong. It would be very much appreciated , Thanks, Griff

  8. Vino Renaldo says

    To be honest, I am using this software for brigtening the eyes, reduce eye bag and sometimes for whitening the teeth. As I know it makes me save much time to work many portrait jobs.The rest have to be done with Photoshop.

  9. Daniel Lester says

    A really great review of Portrait Pro, the best I've seen. Keep up the great work on your vids.

  10. lamarkcus starks says

    Hi Ed how do you add ppl and body to PS and Lr as the plug in

  11. Jeff Tight says

    Great review. Very frank and honest and you share my concerns. After trying PP myself, I believe it fills a void in my SW library. When handled well, PP can provide just enough tweeks and still maintain realism. Pushed a little more, it can provide crazy cool results. So the final product is really in the hands of the photographer … right where I want it to be. The most significant aspect of PP for me is getting to a final product, consistently and quickly. And for that, I'm sold!

  12. Jerry Davis says

    Great review, Ed. Thanks!

  13. David Nelson says

    Thanks for the review, I've been wondering if PP had fixed the way images are finished. I've used pp for years, but I stopped at 11, when 12 came out and the later versions that all appeared to be overdone and there was nothing I could do. In PP 11 the basic presets for sculpting is over the top (of course, if I made the face outlines a little closer it would probably work better). I'm not into shaping faces, so I turn the face sculpt off. Period.
    The final image that Ed produced is, in my opinion, overcooked and is why I stayed with 11 and a week of fighting with the company.

  14. Ian Payne says

    Thanks for the video, I have PP12 Studio , but only the lighting, at 50-75% opacity, I don't want change my subjects faces or give them a fake skin look, In PS CS6 I'll heal to a point where the skin still looks real but clean

  15. Me and my Nikon D500 says

    Thats very good, are those images in RAW?

  16. geonerd says

    "And with a few easy clicks, you too can look like a sex doll!"
    Why the hell would ANYONE want to inflict this software on a client's face?

  17. James Mason says

    I just bought PP15 and I am having trouble with the program install. Has anyone dealt with their online customer support system because I created one support ticket reaching out to them that they eventually replied to but since I still am having trouble their contact us system is now asking for me to verify my email address and the page to do so is a dead end asking for a verification code with a spot to click to get one but i don't get sent to me and now I can't contact them at all. Makes no sense, they already used my email to reply to me. Their phone number that they list at the bottom of their home page specifically states that they will not give anyone support over the phone so here I sit… still not able to complete the install. Anyone have success contacting them for support.?????

  18. Richard Nieves says

    Thanks for the honest review – Was a really great review.

  19. Al D says

    Nice review on Portrait Pro 15 Ed! I see their ads all the time but have yet to try it. I'm just wondering how it works on people who wear glasses? I don't think I've ever seen it used on a model wearing glasses. Do you have any experience with that? Thanks!

  20. Olivier hero says

    honestly really buggy, just try to create a batch session, work on it, save the session cut your computer and open it another day.
    The whole session is destroyed.

    Not a professional reliable tool for sure.
    I will not trust it for use into production.

    I am not even counting all the tons of other bugs you have, export fails and so on.

  21. Art Altman says

    Thanks for doing this video Ed. I have long wondered whether Portrait Pro was capable of producing a natural result. Their advertisements look pretty bad, in my opinion. What I see in your video is that the initial results are close to natural and I could probably dial it back a bit to make it natural. For the first time I see that this software might be worth experimenting with. Thanks for providing this insight.

  22. HardwireSpeers says

    I tried a previous version of this as part of my 'day job' as a professional photographer – used only until the first few clients I used it with complained about how it changed the shape of their faces. Dumped it. If you're shooting for a fashion magazine it could be a useful program, but otherwise there are much better choices out there.

  23. Steve Georgon says

    PP does not support the ProPhoto color space. I agree on the "philosophical dilemma" – I believe less is better. I was experimenting with a few images. It totally changed the look of the faces. Looked like different people. I haven't used it nearly enough to make an intelligent judgement whether the software will work for me..I always learn a lot from you, Ed!

  24. Douglas Dean says

    I tried an older version of PortraitPro Professional but didn't really like it. It didn't work well when applying changes to multiple photos. I have found Perfectly Clear Complete. It has one click refinements. If you don't like their version you can change the settings and save your own to use again.  It is great for one click tint correction.  Yes you can go way overboard, but you can tone it down to the way you like it or lower the opacity. It works as plug ins for Lightroom and Photoshop. When you launch it gives you the option to create a copy so you don't make changes to your original files.  It does handle batch processing well. Sorry I guess I am plugging another product…I just like it better.

  25. simianinc says

    I have my own preset we're I've wound the sliders almost all the way down.and I've also turned face sculpting off. I then adjust from there

  26. Lorri Adams says

    I have the basic Portrait Pro, use it for gentle enhancements, but every now and then I have fun going completely OTT – on photos of me and my friends, just because I can.

  27. wilteduk007 says

    There is weird colour patches throughout the program, but normally resolve on export/save.

  28. chaile2111 says

    Great review Ed. I can see how one must use caution as to not "cook" an image. Thanks for the look and your thoughts!

  29. Carol Schultz says

    Very cool product!

  30. Marc Thibault says

    Another good video! Thanks…

  31. jonnyboy8000 says

    I use it ,but set the sliders myself save it as a preset . I use it as a aid but don,t go over board

  32. Ed Verosky says

    BTW, PortraitPro comes in different versions, with different features; if you want the software to read RAW or DNG for example, you'll need something higher than the standard version.

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