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  1. tanzenistsport says

    Before editing she looked really beautiful! The face on the right doesn't even look like a human anymore. Way too fake…

  2. fotobum 1 says

    I just purchased the PortraitPro 17 on 06-22-2013, and I'm blown away. It's not perfect, but almost.

  3. Alex Ander says

    Really bad user experience with PortraitPro 17: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSrnce5qE50

  4. Vincent Belford says

    The App works great for a head on face. A profile or three quarter shot, not so good. And god forbid there is a prop in front of the face. I do some musicians head shots and when they're playing a horn, ut oh. O well PP 18 19, who knows maybe they'll get there?

  5. Aussie Jay says

    I need a degree for photoshop… I literally just got this and I think once I know how to edit a portrait properly… it will be an awesome time saving tool… I just don’t have the patience for learning how to master Ps… Lr? Yes! Ps..? I don’t wanna fly a spaceship to get to Florida from Boston…besides.. if you can get mostly right in camera… little retouching should be necessary… this really is as easy as it looks…amazing..

  6. Liam Anderson says

    do you need photoshop to use it or can you use lightroom

  7. Gustavo Ibarra says

    What if you have more than 1 person on the pictures? I have a 3 or 4 teens at a time and very time consuming with FS, this software detect all the faces?

  8. J Fry says

    the girl is more interesting than the program. and that program is sweet… a man needs a name!

  9. ErwinZoorPhotography says

    Sal, if you use "professional" in connection with this app, then what would real professional retouching be? It's an interesting piece of software, but professional is something else. It gets the job done for some photographers, I'm certain. But it doesn't produce professional results if we don't want to alter the meaning of professional. Thanks for your review though, was interesting.

  10. Vietnam Vet says

    Does a great job I use in with Photoshop cs5 . Not fake looking unless you over do it.

  11. Top10px Photography says

    It's great ifs used in moderation! I don't believe in changing eye, face shapes etc but it works well for skin tones if the sliders are adjusted subtly etc! I hate the plastic/wax looks and almost never bought this because of the examples given. When turning down all the sliders I really like it but you can get better examples with this software if you get the shot mostly right in camera first! 😉

  12. Weng chua jr says

    how much this apps

  13. Juan Lopez says

    New to your channel, they have 3 version, which one did you used and which one do you recommend/

  14. Joey Mantka says

    I'm impressed with the demo, it was extremely easy to use and I am already getting close to the result that I want in just seconds… I am a hobbyist and I shoot amateur female models(I love taking pictures of beautiful girls) photography (fashion). But I hate editing(at least spending time) as it takes time and effort before I can send my post editing results to my models and I want editing to be a minimal as possible. I will be testing trial and see how my models would react.

  15. Олег Бровко says

    У меня обзор на русском,подписка ,лайк!

  16. sunny kiri says

    How does the buy goes is it once for all or monty ?

  17. starr shine says

    Does anyone know the minimum OS for MAC & PC? Thanks.

  18. Muyiwa Mayor says

    how do you enhance a portrait photo with the subject eyes closed or total look down

  19. Christian Belman says

    I haven't used this program yet, but I can tell by the tutorials that it's extremely easy to overuse it. I mean, just by importing, it already enhanced the picture very dramatically! I think I'll get this program and for my clients I'll just use it to get rid of some small and temporary blemishes, sweat, oily skin and the such. However, I would NOT manipulate factions of people's faces at all I just don't see the point of doing that. You're looking for a good portrait here, not an Idealized portrait. That's just my opinion though.

    funny note: I think it's funny that in lightroom I gotta use the slides to enhance images. With this program, I think I'll have to use the slides to decrease the image's exaggerated enhancement that is applied just by importing the picture

  20. ElementofWorship says

    I've got the free trial for this product to try it out and see if it's a good tool for my photography business. But I'm having big problems with the eyes. The blue lines in the "Before" mode look perfectly aligned, but when I try to add anything to the lower lid (mascara, lower eye shadow, ect) it shows up way too low, completely disconnected from the eye. >:-/

  21. Sal Paradise says

    she's already pretty

  22. RGR Estudio Fotográfico says

    where can i download it free and full?

  23. beerborn says

    I've used this since it first came out a long ways back.  It is just awesome and as a photographer women would love to have these imperfections remove from their face.  I now upgraded to Portrait Pro 15 and the make up adjustments is definitely a plus for women.

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