1. Alen Palander says

    A little hungover, but here's another video! Make sure you follow along on Instagram and Twitter – @alenpalander.


  2. JakulaithWolff says

    That kitty was hiding there xD

  3. DaveSincere says

    This was a NICE VIDEO!!

    Michelle is gorgeous..

  4. Felipe says

    every camera is going to have a different sync speed. refer to your manual or google your camera's sync speed so you know what shutter speed you should be using in order to avoid issues with capturing the flash…

  5. stuart brides says

    Nice Bowens lighting…

  6. shadrack bortey says

    Want to start one in africa

  7. Никита Красюк says


  8. Jabari says

    I just started freelancing and I use a rented studio space and this video was so helpful!!

  9. Zach Morris says

    that's not how light metering works…

  10. Anthony Burnett says

    Michelle is so fine lol and thanks for the tips I definitely needed them and nice outtakes

  11. Rizwan Karim says

    Michele is beautiful 🙂

  12. m_a_r says

    hi guys, what the backdrop is made of? Vinyl?

  13. De Nil says

    Awesome bro..

  14. Kumar Abhay says

    Mirror effect was dope 🤞

  15. Feisty Green Polka Dot says

    I'd love to see more on lighting setup. I'm a newbie and I don't know the best way to set up lights.

  16. Dezhan Bland says

    Great video, thanks. Would a backdrop fabric still work well on carpet?

  17. Rola Moca Benelux says

    Best thing about the Video was Michelle….for the rest no usefull info 🙁

  18. Paulo Parreira says

    Shoot Michele.

  19. tall32guy says

    <3. Cute. 🙂

  20. Rowan Allen says

    Where can I get a sweater and hat from?

  21. Studio Manager says

    Nice little vignette showing the fun of studio shooting!

  22. WuschelofDespair says

    I personally find studio photography pretty boring

  23. Cool Creators says

    The plastic bag and mirror tip blew my mind a little bit. Also Michele seems like a really nice person lol her personality came across great on-camera

  24. Sadon Photography says

    Didn’t really get any tips or learn anything out of it but it was entertaining 👍🏻

  25. xTehAeRo says

    Great video Alen ! Keep it up 🙂

  26. Mike Lunc. says

    Love the B-roll sequences. Just matches so good with the overall vibe!

  27. Kevin R says

    Michele hella thicc

  28. ArgentoRAWRz says

    Whats the point of doing a studio photoshoot if you put grain on your photos on post?

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