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Our current Photo Assignment is #15 – Holga Style!

Make sure you submit your photo assignments by the end of the week as we’re about to move on to #16.

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Featured in this video:

Alexander Komarov
Damon Johnston
Mick on the Lake
Raphael D Swift

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  1. Paul Harding says

    Now there is Guru shots all one word then there is click a snap both great places too show photos .

  2. Gary Compton says

    Hey Ted, I must have missed this video, a great review and could not agree more with the focus and composition issue .
    Particularly with the Lartigue references .
    Some great and encouraging points you make !!

  3. BillXCIII says

    LOL, Ted. I wouldn't say there's any element of surprise to seeing a plane passing over those towers. Those are glide slope antennas, which are a component of the instrument landing system. They help pilots descend along the correct path and descent rate when a pilot has to land in low visibility conditions. (Not that there's anything wrong with a non-pilot not knowing that! =) )

  4. P Elnerud says

    Is there any flickr-group or so? I think it is hard to find work from these assignments because the hashtag is not so special. If I search the hashtag I'm not sure which pictures are from this series and which are not.

  5. Brenda Kofford says

    I think I've run into a closed door as I can't seem to find any photo assignments after #16. Was looking forward for these to continue as they are amazing learning experiences…help?

  6. San S says

    love the impressionist type photo

  7. chirpybee says

    Thanks for this video, Ted. I realise equipment reviews and discussions probably pay the bills but never give up on the Art part of the channel. Have a good 2019.

  8. Scott Bowen says

    Off topic but… why is a lens I purchase called a copy? Or is that just a regional thing?

  9. Rafterman314 says

    Can we get podcast on Google podcast? I don't use iTunes as I have an android phone.

  10. Caterana Tonnē Fleur says

    shiiiiiit I won't be able to submit T_T Had lots of lufe stuff happening this month and only took one shot on my grandad's camera
    gutted now…

  11. Muscular Clouds says

    Hey Ted, can you do a video comparing a photography degree and a certificate and a diploma…I want to take the college route but not willing to go for 4 years and rack up debt… Aswell if one is going to be self taught how to go about it.. thanks

  12. ACID SNOW says

    oh man that is some truly beautiful photography!
    thanks for sharing! really enjoyed this 🙂

  13. Frederik Grønlund Clausen says

    Love the podcast!

  14. Shawn Brezny says

    I miss you and Wade Griffith from The Photography show podcast. Looking forward to the new podcast.

  15. Mick on the Lake says

    Thank you for featuring my image Ted!

  16. Divi Photos says

    Great video

  17. Wirable89Gaming Channel says

    Great photo assignment

  18. louiskoko says

    Developing my shots this week, Might not be in time for the deadline but. I got out because of your assignment, kinda got me into a habit of going for a foto walk.
    No clue how they will look, I got a picture in my head lets see how I did.
    Thanks you.

  19. Ashton Schofield says

    SO excited for the podcast!!

  20. Michael Forbes says

    Flickr is still strong for enthusiasts! Also, BRING BACK THE ARTIST SERIES!

  21. Jesper Rasmussen says

    I love so many things of this Assignment. For one, i can actually do it before it is over. A mid term or whenever review is great to get re-inspired! More importantly the challenge in it self is the one i have ever done where i have had the most creative fun and learning. Thank you!!!

  22. Ruth Butler says

    This sounds really good. I'm going to watch a bunch of videos before signing up. What I do like is that you talk fast and don't say "ah" . I know .
    But photography wise I love to learn by delving into it one F stop at a time.
    I like the abstraction, too and the wheelbarrel shot.

  23. Omar Ch. says

    Hey you just gave me an excuse to get an ipad for Christmas.

  24. TimberGeek says

    w00t! I got cleanup position (Raphael D Swift)… I'm somewhat incognito here on YT, my channel was created largely to document timber framing. Does the podcast have a website? I'm trying to keep excessively invasive software off my workstation.

  25. Guy Butterworth says

    great images team… really really nice … well done all …

  26. A.K. SUTTZ says

    I am currently using YouPik. This might interest you.

  27. freekingfighter says

    Just got my fuji XT2 after switching systems, can't wait to jump back into photo assignments!!

  28. Sandor Bako says

    Love the idea, unfortunately I didnt like any of these pictures.

  29. Photo Hacker says

    Wow, amazing captures! 😍. Thank you for sharing!

  30. MrVipitis says

    Sadly the adjustment hasn't been possible for me because there was no clause that allowed to compensate for crop factor and giving me a f2.6 instead of a f8 for example.

  31. tinnturps says

    Bad you are on English

  32. S Baines says

    Fascinating video/podcast combined.
    Don't do Twitter, My Question would be – How does Facebook own my copyright?

  33. Aaron Overstreet says

    Thanks for the lily light and limitations love Ted, can't wait to get stuck into the new podcast!

  34. Jeremy Greenberg says

    Good video and lovely images true to the assignment. I appreciated your critique.

  35. Colin Jenkins says

    Very much look forward to your podcast making it to the google podcast app (I think it's auto). Just a thought but maybe flickr will become a good sharing site again, now that SmugMug owns it and is in the process of removing the unlimited storage to option.

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