Photo Sharing – Sites And Methods

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Remember those days of carrying around armloads of photo albums in order to share your pictures with your family and friends?

All in the past my friends!

Today, photo sharing allows you to upload your digital photos online and easily share them with others. You can then view these images using your personal computer, laptop, or even your camera phone.

In order to begin with setting yourself up to do photo sharing, you’ll need to decide which site on the internet you are most comfortable using. After you’ve decided which site you would like to use, you will need to transfer the images from your computer to the site.

Once you’ve logged onto the site, find their upload page, and click the “Browse” button. Clicking the “Browse” button will let you find the files for the photos you want on your hard drive. You can usually select multiple images to upload at a time by selecting brows and each individual image.

Uploading can take a little time, so you need to be patient!

You can then categorize the images that you just uploaded so that certain images or groups of images are easier to find. The method used to categorize depends on what site you have chosen. Most of these sites use ” tags , which is a keyword that you assign to each image. Tags are used to identify a word that describes an image or a group of images, such as ” birthday “, ” Hawaii trip ” or ” baby pictures .” The descriptions you use can be as detailed or as short as you want them to be.

Another concern you may have is the privacy of your images! Categorizing can also be used to control who sees which pictures.

There are several ways to help you keep your private images private. Most sites offer several options to discourage any unwanted downloading, copying, or printing of your images without your permission. Check the sites privacy settings before you upload your images . Set any images that you do not mind allowing anyone to see to ” public ” and the ones that you only want your friends to see to ” private .” However, remember that if your image is displayed on someone’s computer and they are determined to download it, they’ll probably find a way.

2 sites that are very popular and work very well when desiring to share your photos with others can be found here and here .

Keeping all this in mind, upload any images you would like to share and have fun photo sharing!


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