1. max million says

    What was with your video camera, your face was all blurred out.??

  2. Ozzy Paul says

    Tip, to stop that bloody mic from drooping down like it does I push the red lead into one of those slots in the mounting ring. More nice images mate.

  3. alan scott says

    Fantastic Vlog Jason and brilliant images again..Kind regards Alan Scott

  4. mainline464 says

    Lovely photos, like them a lot

  5. Brian Horsey says

    Talk about 'blast from the past'. I've only been there once, 30 odd years ago with our boys on a wildlife club walk, I wasn't back into 'serious' photography then and had forgotten all about the falls. Hope to visit them again in the next few weeks. Thanks for the memory prompt!

  6. pete cundle says

    Great to find a new spot. i'm revisiting a river this year in north Wales that as far as I have searched there are no vlogs or decent photos of. Great vlog once again.👍

  7. jeff stephenson says

    Great upload Jason It's great when get the unexpected .

  8. Paul Clare says

    Amazing waterfalls Jason and your images look fantastic.

  9. JustDuff says

    Oh yesss Jason you know I love a waterfall or 2 ,this vlog and images makes me feel like giving work 2 fingers and driving to North Wales. Well done again mate. 💪

  10. Gopi Hausen says

    Beautiful Video and pictures Jason i like it. Best regards

  11. John Sparkes says

    Another cracking vlog Jason with fantastic images.

  12. Reinhard Bügemannskemper says

    Hi Jason,
    the waterfalls looks like painted by Roger Dean, but you make it with real light 👍
    my favourites are the both by 12:45ff

  13. Outer Spaces says

    Thanks, Jason! Not been down there for years. Last time I was there I'm sure i saw some pigs at the side of the track.

  14. Paul Smith says

    Beautiful location. Beautiful waterfall shots, there's a clip of you ducking under a falling tree at 11.11 with moss covered rocks, would that be a shot that you would consider the next time that you are there . or is it just my inexperience with Landscape Photography. Just a thought Jason

  15. martin hogarth says

    Just watched the vlog, looked a good place for a shot..coming down to Dinorwig ( Llanberis ) end of next week so hoping it stay's fine

  16. Paul Compton PDphotography says

    What a great place and only just down the road to you I’ll have to take a walk that way. I’ll message you to find out where the start is lol

  17. Gordon Tickle says

    Looks lovely and green Jason, only 18 days to go to the longest day and then the nights will start to draw in! LOL Great vlog mate loved it. GT

  18. Noealz Photo says

    love that intro man

  19. Austrianaut says

    I experience this really eye-pleasing and inspiring what you show here in fresh green and water. Makes me start to plan my next 3 days tour. *thumpbs-up*!!! Thanks for sharing.

  20. Michael Bryant says

    thanks Jason, hope to come to Wales this year

  21. Hu Ko says

    Very nice, love it. Hubert

  22. Des Gardner says

    Well done Jason for taking us to somewhere different and that no Photographers have been before, but that will change very soon, your pictures were very enjoyable thank you.

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