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Eli Manning always looks tired, weird or dumb, and this woman is his personal photographer.

You’ve seen the photos of Eli Manning where he looks confused, weird or just plain dumb? But what if you were the photographer responsible for getting a normal looking photo of Eli?
Meet Monica. She’s Eli’s personal photographer. In this episode of “Hardest Jobs In Sports”, we explore what it’s like to have to deal with Eli Manning’s penchant for awkward photo. Far-off eyes, glazed over expression, staring wide-eyed with mouth agape–how do you harness it all into something approaching a regular photograph?

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Eli’s Personal Photographer: Lisa Kleinman

WRITER Conor Armor
PRODUCER Jamie Rasmussen
PROD. CO. Brandon Zingone
DP Maria Rusche
BCAM OPERATOR Max Batchelder
AC/CAM OP MC Plaschke
SOUND James Leggero
EDITOR Adam Brown

  1. Above Average says

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  2. Sid Howard says

    My face looks like this when I’m hammered

  3. Jesse Smith-Garcia says

    God Eli I hate your face!

  4. NYG_DBONE 10 says

    I’ll break this bitches face wide open then see who looks dumb

  5. Mark Rivera says


  6. Crazy Steve says

    Does anyone else think the woman in the video looks a little like Eli, like she could be his sister?

  7. paul austin says

    She is funny

  8. Grant Smysor says

    No body looks happy in 39 seconds

  9. Jacob Friedman says

    1:29 He looks like people in the movie Truth or Dare

  10. Chief Legend says

    I don't appreciate you throwing shade at my man Blake.

  11. GodlyGamer _ says

    He has a dum face LMAO

  12. jermed2001 says

    “Antonio Cromartie’s Vasectomist“ I AM SO DEAD!!! 😂😂😂

  13. grunermrk says

    I'm sorry, you found an angle that makes it look like LeBron isn't losing hair? Bullshit.

  14. caloriepacks says

    Except she’s ugly herself, even in motion, and this bit isn’t witty enough to make that hypocrisy part of it.

  15. Daniel Thrasher says

    She looks like a younger miss Wagner

  16. hollyken3 says


  17. Walter White says

    Her face looks pretty dumb

  18. harley mcgriff says

    You shouldn't say stuff like that. If you don't have anything nice to say, keep your mouth shut.
    Eli doesn't look dumb. He looks like someone who is kind to everyone.

  19. PizzaGuy275 says

    Lol the Photoshop

  20. Project Mayhem says

    Jaguars London Promoter? Not many empty seats at Wembley Stadium …

  21. Luis Rivera says


  22. Inbread Fred says

    I always thought he had a slight case of autism.

  23. XenomeX TV says

    Way to roast Eli

  24. Hulk Smash 24/7 says

    Eli Manning is the only person in the NFL that can be wearing a $5,000 suit and still look like he is homeless.

  25. alex dc says

    She’s pretty ugly

  26. Oh Yeah Mr Krabz says

    Right off the bat he has a Dumb Face

  27. Yusa says

    Eli Manning is the G.O.A.T

  28. Andy Brown says

    Facts 💯

  29. ian schroeter says

    She probably just got fired

  30. I Don't Know says

    Hes so smart he throws the most yards for the other team

  31. phanny pack says

    I just want to photograph her getting throated. Why does she make me fucking hard?

  32. tsleel escappa says

    Hahaha I'm dead!

  33. Cole Miller says

    Look how bitchy her face looks… this is the face of antifa

  34. Doc Holliday says

    Draft day was the happiest day of his life? He must have meant AFTER he was traded to the Giants.

  35. Alex's Gmail says

    This irrelevant millennial content. I wasted a good 50 seconds..

  36. Jared Tessen says

    Ok now imagine this other reversed genders, shit would be hitting the fans, people

  37. Grayson Farrell says

    Don’t Bully Eli he has no wide receivers and that why he’s sad and confused

  38. Josh Daly says

    Yooooo hahahhaa

  39. Lorenzo March says

    This girl straight roasted this man

  40. Stevie Stan says

    What's her @? Asking for a friend

  41. BowlOfReeses says

    She would bang any day I bet

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