1. S Larson says

    These are great! Thank you.

  2. Zoltán Dr. Fehér says

    Very pretty women.

  3. Joep Kortekaas says

    5:29 Giving the finger is called waving now?

  4. Edie Koller says

    Great pictures..All I can say is Thank God I don't smoke anymore and I am sorry i started to smoke in the early 1960's.

  5. DR_Virulent Epidemic says

    Love your theme 🌝

  6. Lawrence Ashley says

    Ever since I've subscribed to this channel the xylophone has become my favourite instrument!

  7. GRB Major says

    First photo I've ever seen of Marilyn Monroe smoking….shocking!

  8. SaintJoeBro says

    Mike Ditka “waves”😆😀

  9. peanut butter says

    One of the best still photo videos yet.😉

  10. David G says

    In my day, we didnt have that trashy crap of today "'at's righ, om coo". Men were cool by their persona, attitude, dress, and moral compass, not by a projected self-image like today. Hey guys! Beards don't make you a man, a socialist, or, "cool". Like Rod Serling once said on the Twilight Zone – "A giant is as he does"

  11. Larry 306 says

    I met Paul Newman at Limerock race track in Lakeville Connecticut in 1960..

  12. Eden Ivo Bezerra says

    Wonderful pictures!!!

  13. mahammad rdesss says

    Greatest photos

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