1. Mario B. says

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  2. King Kings says

    xlnt…voice nd xlnt explanation

  3. Tech World says


  4. Erika E. Alvarez Arce says

    I am new here and I would like to follow you up!!! I love photography

  5. Alzer Ganboy says

    Hi. I am amazed of your videos and you're my inspiration to become a great photographer. I learned a lot from you Emil.

    Thank you!

  6. Penny Agathogli says

    Thank you so much for your tutorials . So clear and concise

  7. *Veganislife* says

    Don’t bother shooting JPEG… iPhone jpegs are horrid – shoot raw all you can

  8. Fearless Soldier says


    I've been watching your Iphone photo vidoes. I find those very helpfull. Thank you.

  9. Aldvin Gomes says

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  10. Sharon Pace says

    I am interested in the photo academy for further learning but your url is suspicious. I expect an https prefix.

  11. NikZg says

    Great like always! Can you tell
    me about HDR on iphone? When you use it?

  12. simu ramos says

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  16. Samer Moustafa says

    dude.. you talk too much…

  17. Joy Medina says

    Bro. I've got to respect your hustle. Love.

  18. Pain Peace says

    But I don't have iPhone…and I am poor…..sad but true….

  19. Nur Aini says

    How to take group photo like a dinner party with iPhone 6s

  20. Guddu Pakistani says

    Hi I am from Pakistan. And I would like to say that I am a great photographer here of my city because of you my Dear Emil. Love you

  21. Gino Tizon says

    You're work is inspiring. Although I use an Android phone, I see lots of similarities in applying your concepts. Thank you!

  22. Adrian Walker says

    I just want to better photos and selfies of my myself and family

  23. Franc Oluchi says

    any new promotion.. i would love to take the course

  24. Zoltan Csala says

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  25. Sonal Garg says

    Hi Emil Pakarklis, you are doing well, Please suggest me best Macro lens for iPhone SE.

  26. Updy_man Photographer says

    Thank you very much

  27. Updy_man Photographer says

    Bro you helped me I wish I could knew your channel long time and know you helped me 🙏

  28. Dani Wayne says

    Love that video ! So motivating

  29. Ferran Imagery says

    Love this video? was it shot on iphone?

  30. gigitx says

    THANK YOU !! I found you on Facebook and have been watching vids as you've posted each one, you make using what used to be a too overwhelming tool simple and easy. I have used your tricks/tools/instructions to improve my photographs for my Facebook & Etsy pages and people can't believe the pics were taken with an iPhone ! BIG THANKS 🙂

  31. 🙂

  32. #Team Mother and daughter says

    You inspired me to use my iPhone to take a beautiful thing. I hope i can learn more for your video. Thank you

  33. KidJV says

    Only pet peeve: "iPhone photography" "iPhone photos" "iPhone"..why not smartphone photography?

  34. Maria Humblet says

    Prachtige voorbeelden en de lessen lijken mij zeker de moeite waard om te volgen. Maar wat als je nu eens geen engels verstaat en spreekt?

  35. antony john says

    What tripod you using. Please. I want the same one you use. Thanks. Antony (Dsigntist)

  36. Aashay Wagh says

    Liked Your Way of Explaination!!!Love SMartphone Photography for Myself! Thanks for Sharing Your Knowledge!

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