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0:06 – use a drop of water to create macro photos
3:24 – underwater photo hacks
6:34 – DIY photo lightbox
10:05 – sunglasses filter
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  1. FormingMussel 03 says

    Noobs just use Adobe Photoshop…

  2. CWP T.O.B says

    Je ne sais pas quoi penser entre dire bravo pour certaines des idées ou rire du ridicule des gens d’aujoud’hui pour se casser la tête a se faire une photo qui partira dans un réseaux social que tout le monde aura oublier 3 jour après le post.

  3. Waikiki HoundDawg says

    A lot of these are dumb and impractical 😂😂

  4. ARYA CRAFT says

    Wow nice

  5. parteek parjapat Parjapat says

    Which mobile do you have

  6. Nabila Islam says


  7. panos speed says

    Get a life!

  8. Ricardo Lopez says

    Good, now i wont use my filters anymore

  9. Swarnalatha Saravanan says

    All photos took from your camera so it's nice 😀👍👍👍..try in your phone it's not proper😔👎👎👎

  10. ankur shukla says

    aise hacks are come in simple camera editing but in Android not in i phone🤣🤣🤣

  11. sammi khan says

    Some great ideas

  12. David Navarro says

    Kill yourself if you came for real tips

  13. ****** says

    Detrás de toda foto de instagram, Hay una persona haciendo el ridículo

  14. Neel Patel says

    basically u need an iPhone to take good photos.(rather i'll be happy to keep my kidney)

  15. Ivanhoe Arrayet says

    Les moyens pour faire des fesses plus bombées, c'est vraiment une façon de complexer les femmes qui ont du mal avec leur corps. Une mauvaise idée…

  16. Heath VB says

    Half of this stuff u can my huawei p30 can do by itself such as macro lens, making the lights a heart shape etc

  17. zero123824 says

    Great creations!

  18. the potato that is a slob says

    You lying cause I tried the three arms but nope it’s work

  19. Kidsup canal de desenhos says

    Fantástic tips but panorama mode did not work. captured only one position of my body.


    Ha you read it


  21. Laila Ait Idir says

    Alguien español??

  22. Abhishek varier says

    Anything for boy photography?

  23. #Jnella 13 says

    As soon as I saw her eyes I went to the comment section😁😁

  24. THANK YOU 😀 ❤ FROM 🇦🇱

  25. ht moh says

    All done by women. What do you expect.

  26. R4yker says

    4:48 and now lets have a look for a Perfect grained Photo…. In Phone do not close up in photos

  27. Stefanie Baldemoro says

    Am I the only one who noticed she has 2 eye colors 5:21 ??!?!?😮

  28. R4yker says

    2:58 effect of flash doesnt look like this, it looks like…? Just try Photo with flash you Will know what I mean

  29. R4yker says

    1:51 Just another Photo with Ton of IPhone Photoshop, use normal mirror, not dark Phone
    … Jezus 5 minute crafts suxks and they are idiots at everything

  30. R4yker says

    0:32 its shit, Photo doesnt look like this, IPhone do not have slow-motion… Próba ły its video from internet, made by REAL camera

  31. R4yker says

    For the God's sake!!!!!!! Buy normal camera and don' play with shitty IPhone "cool photos made by Phone processor"

  32. Ajanta Roy says

    2:49 this hack doesn't work at all. I tried it with iPhone n Samsung..didn't work.

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