How to photograph silverware: basics of studio photography lighting techniques. Glossy subject

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  1. Vasia Pupkin says

    Лёха, давай лучше по русски 🙂

  2. Rohini Hirway says

    my shadows are not soft enough. How to avoid Hard shadows?

  3. Aleksandra Sz says

    I like your Videos very much !

  4. Mcpelovers22 says

    thank you for the video I always wanted to know how to take pictures of silverware

  5. Rodrigo Ferrão says

    Thank you for the tips

  6. mancho raghava says

    dslr model plz?

  7. Alyanschi Gümüş Alyans says

    you can safely skip to 09:50 …. the beginning is small talk

  8. celtic celtic says

    You Love feeding babies with Spoke. lol

  9. Виталий Мытник says

    То же самое на русском языке вы дублируете?
    Мало кто показывает как снимать в таком ключе.

    Будем надеятся на дубляж ваших видео на русский…

  10. christopher jaeger says

    Thanks Alex

  11. christopher jaeger says

    Spork Lol

  12. Phung Minh says

    what software you use for capture the picture??

  13. xiaofei zhang says

    Spork is a thing. Look it up.

  14. Ammar Kazal says

    Thank you for the helpful video I rely like it, could please explain the camera setting for this shots?
    Best Regards,

  15. Hansjuergen Smit says

    What I meant is, where is the glossy area…?

  16. Hansjuergen Smit says

    Hi Alex,
    nice video. Good explanations.
    But… where is the shine? It still looks mat on the products!!!
    What went wrong?

  17. Clipping Partner India says

    Thank you Alex, for your good presentation.

  18. Awesome Email says

    You are great!

  19. Chaitanya Bhatti says

    Hi, I have a questions, trying to shoot a kitchen hob set on floor at 45 degree, al is fine but the further end of the product fall down or back, so when the designer places all hob pics one above the other in the layout they all look twisting and turning all the ay to the last image.

  20. CrazyDot says

    Вери найс, комРад! Сенкью. Но, реалли! Ё видео хелпед ми а лот.

  21. Swapnil Sawant says

    Nice & Thanks for Sharing

  22. Photoshop Automation says

    thank you

  23. Terrence Brown says

    Love those sporks

  24. S Bhowmik says

    Spork sounds good , you can use it anyway…nice vid!

  25. Jack McDaniel says

    What are the name of the rings you placed inside the reflector to create the spot for more light control?

  26. winfredo Jr. deguia says

    spoon spork spoon spork hahahaha

  27. Abdullrahmen Aljesmi says

    u r the best i like u sooo much.


    Видео супер, еще бы на русском было…

  29. Akis Gbr says

    Alex all your videos and photography are awesome and ultra pro. Many thanks.  

  30. John Carry says

    Very nice effect that. Sporks do exist btw. There a combination of a fork and a spoon. You should shoot that!

  31. Keith Hardy says

    I'm so into this ……. nice Alex!

  32. Thuy Tran says

    can i join without being Pro coner?

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