Best Wedding Photography Lens – I use this lens 100% of the wedding day!

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***An introduction to the Canon EF 24-70mm 2.8L II zoom as the best wedding photography lens and examples of photos I took at a wedding.***


Every wedding photographer has their favorite lens and in this video, I’m going to share with you mine – the Canon EF 24-70mm 2.8L II zoom.

It’s always on one of my two camera bodies and I use it to capture everything from getting ready photos to ceremony shots and all the reception action. It really does handle every wedding day situation!

I’ll share with you the reasons why I think it’s the best lens for wedding photography, including its practical focal length range and relatively shallow depth of field, making it fast enough to handle almost all lighting situations.

I also think it’s very robust and somewhat weatherproof, having survived the rough and tumble of more than five years shooting weddings consistently.

But despite all of its pros, I’ll also share with you some of the limitations of this lens, including its weight and price tag.

At the end of the day, however, I think the pros of the Canon EF 24-70mm 2.8L II zoom definitely outweigh its cons, making for a high-quality, reliable lens that can arguably photograph an entire wedding.


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  1. gary maunder says

    Really useful and informative video Henry. My newest wedding lens is the 35mm 1.4, but i kept missing shots so now the 24-70 is my baby with the 5dmk4. The 35mm was a present from my wife,…….one has to be careful how you tell the wife it's not quite what i wanted. Great videos mate, keep them coming.

  2. Nabeela Khaleelur Rahman says

    Hi did you use any kind of flash or lighting tools for any of the photos you shown in this video..

  3. nerdy joy says

    What do you think about 24-120 for weddings? I know it’s really good for vacation.

  4. Alex Duncanson says

    The 24-70mm is THE lens for versatility during a wedding shoot. I love my 70-200mm, my 35mm F/1.4 and 85mm F/1.4 but I couldn’t shoot an entire wedding (effectively) using just one of them…whereas the 24-70mm would save the day if it was the only lens I had….

  5. Lew Chaney says

    Hi Henry, In the photo's you shared the DOF does not necessarily appear to be shot at f2.8, even indoors. Can you share the typical f-stop averages you used and your typical motivations? I often need to stop down smaller than 2.8 to keep a room of 2 or more people in acceptable focus…

  6. Nani De Pérez says

    Hi Henry!!! Thanks for the video. love your point of view and how you take photos of the party and dance, I would like to ask how you do to capture the moments of actions in movement? , how do you do the photos with high point of view? and you take people in quick actions, for me it is difficult to capture the moments in quick actions, setting….Podrías hacer algún video en español? thanks

  7. Rachel S says

    Thank you for this! Great info, much appreciated. ❤️

  8. James Rice Photo says

    Hi Henry, 24-70 f/2.8…I get it. So when do you think it’s an absolute must to break out an 85mm 1.4 or an ultra wide? Thanks dude, love your style and your one the level tone with your audience..not patronising or elitist in anyway. Love it 😍

  9. Erica Gilliams says


  10. DJ Services Cornwall says

    Great video as I love my 5d mkiii with this lens would like to know more about the lighting, or more to the point the flash on or off camera settings in order not to wash out my subjects

  11. Suge Oooo says

    hi, thanks for video mate.
    Its first time when i`m watching you but already you change my approach , and my basket of shopping`s
    I done photography about 6 years ago , but after i move in UK from my country i quit doing what i was loving to do the most of the time.
    Now i want to start again and for this i want to thank you for this video and for info provided !
    Have a good day, Darius

  12. Jayalal Vargheese says

    Great video….Really helpful information, thank you so much

  13. Марія Середоха says

    Amazing! Thank you so much for this video!

  14. Sefe Vasquez says

    Very helpful! This is the only lens I own and looking forward to squeeze the juice out of it. Thanks for your vide

  15. David Malone says

    Great video!!!

  16. Petr Vokurek says

    Oh man, just when I thought I´d try the 35 +85mm combo instead of my trusty 24-70mm f2,8,II I see your video…and it basically perfectly reflects the reasons why I love to use it. You put it on a 5d3 and just shoot all day with it and know you´re ready for almost anything. Thanks for the video! 🙂

  17. APERTURE ADE says

    Thanks for uploading this very educational video

  18. APERTURE ADE says

    Equivalent focal length on APSC cameras is 17-55mm f2.8 on Nikon, canon and Fujifilm.
    So I think I am geared enough three more lenses.
    What do you guys think ??

  19. Benjamin A. Akwara says

    Seriously i learn from you bro,,,, i will always follow your tips on YouTube , your tips are awesome,,keep it up

  20. A-Train TV says

    Hello Henry! For your group shots what is your f stop? Also what is your focus point when you have multiple subjects? Loving your videos so far!!

  21. david beauregard says

    What percentage of your photos are at the 24mm range vs 70mm? thanks

  22. Light Skinned Nigga says

    did you use flash on this shots sir?

  23. Alexei Cristea says

    Hi Henry! Love your vlog! I have a question for you, What about SONY A7 III? Are you thinking to change your camera? Thanks a lot!

  24. Channel Gorkha says

    Nice video ! And do you use flash all the time in wedding?

  25. Sierra Roush says

    your channel is amazing its helping me so so much<3<3

  26. David Malone says

    Great video—thank you so much!!! I have the same set up a 5d Mark III and the 24-70 f2.8 l 2 and I can’t imagine anything better —so when you go to the 5d iv so will I!!!

  27. Jim Payton says

    in using the 24-70mm 2.0 lens, you made a comment in this video that you normally use f-stop 2.0-4.0. Do bring your f-stop up more for the group shots of 10-20 individuals?

  28. Iolanthe Patterson says

    Hi Thanks for the video. Are you recomposing?

  29. Garry Burgess says

    Were all these shots taken handheld?

  30. Ketil Johannessen says

    Hello. Could you make a video, when you talk about the technical specs in wedding images?
    Great videos 🙂

  31. Juan Lopez says

    Agree 100% the most versatile lens, my kit includes 14mm 2.8 (1%) 24-85mm 3.4.5. (80%) and 70.200 2.8 (19%) with two flash, one on camera with bounce card or dome. the 2nd flash for the dance floor . a crop and a ff. Using two bodies, the crop would have the 70-200 100% on my left hand. if i need to capture anything from far, the crop will let me get tighter shoots.

  32. Daniel Castillo says

    Are you using in this wedding on camera flash (bounce tonthe ceiling) during the reception?

  33. Daniel Castillo says

    I loved this video Henry, is like go through a whole wedding, i want ask you help with something that gives me some trouble, it would be great and very nice of you if you could make a video about the wedding album, the software, how to organize the photos, ideas, the why's do this, whys dont do this, it would be very helpfull for me and may be for some others

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