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With decades gone by after historic events have passed, we often think we’ve seen those events from every angle possible. On occasion though, new images surface long after the photo was snapped that show historical moments in a whole new light.

The following images are so rare, it’s incredible we are able to see them today at all. Get ready to take a look at history in a new way that seems almost unbelievable!

  1. The title should have been:
    How to depress yourself in 15 minutes

  2. Senator Champion says

    Wild west

  3. Joep Kortekaas says

    12:45 The lady is not being carried!

  4. physcoer says

    Back when testosterone was a thing

  5. George Traylor says

    at 13:30 there is a geniune S.O.B.

  6. Tammy Kile says

    Nothing greater than the people

  7. Poke says


    Forgets all of them

  8. itsalladream says

    4:04 , 10:46 and 13:00 nice pictures

  9. millennial sleek says

    0:39 They were assassinated on my birthday…

    (Obviously I wasn’t born on 1914, just June 28)

  10. millennial sleek says

    0:39 They were assassinated on my birthday…

    (Obviously I wasn’t born on 1914, just June 28)

  11. CreIN Vix says

    Whoever is behind this channel is a very smart and a good person thank u for showing us such pictures that really show us how us humans have been terrible towards each other

  12. Nikola Djordjevic says

    Its all coz of retarded illuminati(JEWS) but its not about us,retarded humans its about our planet….how would you feel if youre EARTH and some retarded idiotic idiots droping a bombs on you 24/7 would you let `em…ye ye

  13. JZjzred says

    You gotta admit, that doggo is cute for a Nazi.

  14. Michael Mtshali says


  15. 4Bitzzッ says

    13:46 i am armenian, turks deny that they did the genocide on us, they say that we have did the genocide while those assholes have killed over 6 million people

  16. Bhupinderbanga Banga says

    Now we all can die with peace

  17. Sadie Powell says

    The 2800-year-old kiss really got me. It makes me so happy to see even people who died together loved each other that much. 🙂

  18. Archie Bonkers says

    @1:26 it’s a shame the photos of Otto Skorzeny’s villa isn’t shown. Amazing how Otto was given the red carpet in Israel…

  19. 11 Bravo says

    Good or bad, these were all great moments and great people who will forever be engraved in world history, what an honor.

  20. 11 Bravo says

    What an amazing feat of great moments captured from history whether, (good or evil), there's something intoxicating about these clips, particularly because of the perfect music to play as a soundtrack! Keep them coming!

  21. Canodiablo says

    Nr. 1 Windows XP default background

  22. transformers Decepticon dude says

    Dear Perfect Life,
    Please read the late author Mr Jim Marrs books on who actually starts these wars since 1744 and profits off of both sides, any war, any side. I felt his anguish. Oswalds gf/wife stated to a reporter, "if you want to find out who killed Kennedy go on over to the Federal Reserve." See what else they're in to. Might surprise ya…Thank you.
    Don Suiters

  23. kingpolo86 says

    1:34 is a fake. look at the full photo on google and you see, they shoot something in the background.

  24. Catching rabbit's says

    6:22 9 King's in 1 room.
    If you have even a portion of knowledge. Of this meeting & what all it accomplished.

    Hello my fellow redpilled individual.

    If you don't. Well do some digging.
    Pack a big fking lunch. Cause you're in for 1 long deep of a rabbit hole.

    7:55 wonder how much liquor ole boy drank. Before he put that vest on.. I'm betting atleast a handle..

  25. Kay33 Tiger says

    I don’t like your intro…….. 😑😑😑😑😑

  26. lysander xiii says

    #72 is actually a picture of a pair French Colonial troops, most likely Senegalese. Not US soldiers.

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