Wedding Photography – New York City Behind The Scenes (Engagement Style Shoot)

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Today we’re in NYC for a shoot. 4 locations.
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  1. Taylor Jackson says

    June 10th Patreon goes up to $30 from $20! Sign up now to get the $20 rate forever!

  2. Paolo A says

    Love how easy you make these look.

  3. ladylibra858 says

    What time was this done?

  4. Moshahid Xd says

    Osm broo love from India😘

  5. Evgeniy Shulzhenko says

    Luv my 35 Tami 😁
    Great video

  6. Martin Hernandez says

    This has probably been asked but where/how do you mount your behind the camera camera?

  7. ericthestone says

    Great tips….thanks TJ!

  8. Clarence Newby says

    How long does it take you to go through all of those shots?

  9. Art Through Glass says

    Don't let your pizza dreams be pizza dreams yo. …JUST….DOO IT!!

  10. Stephen Gatley says

    That panorama technique is called the Brenizer Method!. Look it up for more creative uses 👌

  11. erick says

    Now I want pizza…..again.

  12. eL145 says

    Nice song, but never like that of the “burrito” 😂

  13. Exploring Tampa says

    Waiting to see a TAYLOR JACKSON street photography vlog.

  14. Daniel Sanchez says

    Come to Monterey and Ill buy you lunch! @danieljamesmonterey

  15. Frames by Fresh says

    Love the mood on the edits. What is the name of the bracket you attached to the camera to get that POV for your GoPro?

  16. April Jurnak says

    I always look forward to your videos and learn so many helpful things

  17. SlR says

    the 45 pano does make the buildings look larger but photoshop has a hard time correcting converging verticals (when shooting up or down at extremes) i think its best to just go with the wide angle (in this scenario) and shoot it straight at the horizon then crop the foreground out sorta like as if it was a tilt-shift. great images as always!

  18. maf36 says

    First adobe now you are raising rates…

  19. Juan Lopez says

    Noticed that you always used single vs continues shooting, is there a reason (buffer) concerns?

  20. Adolfo Beltre says

    Awesome video as always Taylor, if you don't mine me asking what time of the day did you start your photoshoot? NYC can be quite busy

  21. Cecelia M says

    Stunning pictures, Taylor! great job as always

  22. Akshay Anand says

    Is there a specific 40 mm lens you like?

  23. courtney wright says

    Hey Taylor, how do you like the Tamron 35mm/45mm lens for weddings? Do you think its reliable and fast?

  24. jenna carney says

    I love how you mentioned how a wide angle makes the city look smaller, I never would have noticed or even thought about that so that’s great to know for the future!

  25. Noealz Photo says

    great shots taylor

  26. Andrew Grotheer says

    Do you put a GoPro on your camera to make these videos??

  27. Alexis Hernalexis says

    Is that guy on your shirt your dad? That cool, I’m going to make one for me👍

  28. Fabien Boogielup says

    I want to be booked to shoot in dumbo 😉 great work !

  29. ICB Productions says

    My mannnnn I made some of my own bts videos because of u

  30. James Connew says

    i see a new video, i immediately click

  31. Matt Grebe says

    Yay! Great way to wake up, with that sweet sweet TJ footy.

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