Photoshop Camera Raw | Cool Photo Effects Tutorial

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So in this tutorial i used photoshop camera raw to put dramatic photo effects. i hope you will enjoy this tutorial.

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  1. rs keeran says

    how to get the camera raw filter into the filter menu?

  2. Inzmam Khan says watch my at once and dislikes it if You don't like . 🙂

  3. gerdzpogi says

    Love the music.

  4. Mr D says

    Hi, I have Camera Raw 9.1.1 but unfortunately just the linear graduated filter. May you can help me?

  5. Peter Frans says

    UN BE LIEVABLE !!!!!!!! Don't ever stop sharing your skills please!!!

  6. barakah says


  7. Fardayek Ahmed says

    wow! you are a boss!

  8. OUR TIME says

    I always wanted to know how this effect was achieved. Thank you

  9. Clipping Path Saffron says

    excellent Photo manipulation tutorial

  10. William D. Ramirez says

    This is a great guide for a beginner or expert compositor. It starts off with the basics of extraction and how to shoot your subject and takes you all the way through creating wonderful composites for an array of different projects. It helped a great deal with my learning curve for composting pictures. This learning by doing method gave me the confidence to take on more complex projects and was very fun to do.

  11. shazzadul says

    You are the best!

  12. luzmery57 says

    It would have been better if you explain the process as video sometimes difficult to see the options you are using, Still thanks for sharing, great information. Reg Luz

  13. Tawanda Maketo says

    which app is this?????

  14. Explastizin VK says

    полная фигня. Тут минимум кадрирование надо было сделать. А в итоге левое боке и уный недоцвет.

  15. AlokISLive says

    please tell me.. how to get oil paint filter in CC.. or camera Raw filter in cs6

  16. April Alsup says

    You have revolutionized my editing process with this video. I was under using ACR so much!!! Thank you!

  17. cecia10 says

    what kind of phoshop version is this? I cannot find the option camera raw filter in my filters' gallery… if I click ctrl+shift+a phtotoshop opens the wide angle filters…

  18. niketa dave says

    you are genius Arun!

  19. Alessio Perna says


  20. Colleen Beazzo says

    I'm a little confused around 3:35 when you add the 2nd layer and the last few steps. Not sure how you did that. By the way, love the tutorial. Thanks for making it!!!

  21. BK says

    You're incredible. Truly gifted artist.

  22. Benny Qibal says

    love the effect..

  23. ieimage says

    Thanks a lot. Only one thing, at 3:47, how do you change from white to black layer?

  24. Red Deja'vu says

    good tutorial 🙂

  25. Tino Detres says

    Awesome, Arun

  26. Matgi Prats says

    Una composición muy sutil, y romantica… gracias

  27. RedDirtAlley Photography says

    LOVE this one! You are amazing my friend!

  28. RAJA PRASAD says

    where can i find and download camera raw for cs5???????plz reply.

  29. Niazy Khan says

    Good tutorial…

  30. Mahadi Hasan says

    nice one

  31. Ahmed eGa says

    GoooooD Bro

  32. Nice, you mind linking us the file for your logo? thanks

  33. Javi Zamora says


  34. Tim Younkin says

    Excellent !

  35. Amal Mohan says

    wow ! amazing work Arun sir

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