1. tapan moharana says

    Mam when I searched in Google I found that iron-sulpher and ferredoxin electron carrier are same. Am I right

  2. Srivarshini Sri says

    If photolysis of water does not takes place in PS2 then how protons are produced? How gradient break down takes place?????


    Very nice explain ma'am

  4. Arindam Deka says

    Thanks a lot ma'am.

  5. ajith kumar AK says

    mam ps1 will absorb what light red or blue pls say

  6. shikha bera says

    The whole video is confusing about red and blue lightπŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

  7. Mohit Nair says

    i know there wont be any replies but stil…..if there is no water photolysis occuring then how does the proton gradient in the lamellae occur

  8. Saurabh Narayan says

    Wow what a lecture

  9. ambika V says

    nice explanation excellent

  10. gayatri Gaur says

    Mam how does proton gradient is created in stroma lamellae as there is no splitting of water takes place in cyclic phosphorylation then how does it happens???? Please answer this question…….

  11. neha sharma says

    well explained

  12. jonathanwig80 says

    there is some confusion here. In previous video part 9 you said ps1 = 700nm = blue light. But here it says ps1 = 700nm = red light. I think both ps1 and ps2 absorb red light. But then I wonder why rate of photosynthesis is high in blue light which is only around 450nm

  13. Kunal Jeh says

    u make Us Believe on E education!!

  14. Adam Khan says

    Mam plastoquinone is not involved here I referred ncert tb after ferrodoxin electrons are transferred to cytochrome b6 n f

  15. vijay kumar says

    best way to learn easily

  16. Proto says

    isn't 700nm blue light ?

  17. Nimisha Paliwal says

    aree but in non cyclic process…..ps1 was there so ……who compense that lost of electron ……that was cyclic so electron cannot recollect there
    Correct me if I m wrongg
    plz solve doubt.

  18. LaZy GuY says

    after ferredoxin their is NADP+ reductase enZyme is their na? then in cyclic after ferredoxin their is synthesis of nadp+ nd again their is ATP synthasis isnt it? confusion

  19. Anush Salian says

    Well explained

  20. harini sudha says

    you are awesome….made it simple…textbook doesn't gives it sequentially

  21. Rashi Jad says

    Mam u r the best teacher

  22. Faizan Ahmed says

    Mam, Thanks a ton! You're amazing! Love you πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‡

  23. Sunttaa m says

    how poton is accumulated in stroma lamellae

  24. Palwinder Singh says

    thnq mam………… u really have a god gifted talent of explanation ……………… I will support this website…. nd plzzz give pmt lessons too

  25. Sandeep Nath says

    great, u make it look very simple..!!

  26. Garima Jain says

    love your videos..!!!!!!!!!!!!

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